October 25, 2019 2019 Fall sale almost over

2019 Fall sale almost over

Our fall sale starts now. Limited quantities. More items added daily.

2012 2 kwh lithium Volt modules : 500! — 2 left

These are good quality 2012 modules. At 250 a kwh! Tested.
These are good quality 2012 modules. At $250 a kwh! Tested.
Guaranteed good, limited 2 year warranty, support program available.
These are for DIY ers that know what they’re doing.

260w solar panel $100 ea. inc. GST; minimum 2


2000w CNBOU 48v inverter $500

High quality high frequency inverter ideal for camp life. Runs lots of stuff for long periods of time. Great inverter programmed for lithium batteries.

1 left

Panasonic 4.4 kwh battery pack, 13S, 48v; $1200

Yup. Top of the line Panasonic pack from Toyota. I just don’t have time to finish building solar systems with these. And I have four. Yikes. Pick up Perth. Tested great. Can’t express the quality, unbelievable. If I was building a small stationary solar system and had some extra time; this makes a great project.
For DIY (or +support contract: $350).

If you are a Raspberry PI user there is a script for reusing the BMS that comes with the pack. Otherwise its $350 for a BlueBIRD BMS. BobolinkSolar cannot support Raspberry.

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