February 10, 2019 2020 Solar Panel Deals

2020 Solar Panel Deals

BobolinkSolar’s 4th fall clear out is here!

Fall 2020 panel clear out is on. We don’t want to store panels over the winter. Due to COVID we had two grid tie projects postponed. That means we have some beautiful 385w panels still available. So, looking for a blow out price on the best solar panels currently available. Act now!

Thanks to all our customers for their support and love. Since 2017 we have shipped over 500 panels; and best of all, our customers efforts are reducing CO2 at over 800 tonne per year!

Our customers are saving tens of thousands every year — just from not having to transport and pay for generator fuel!

Final FALL Deals for 2020 (qty limited to stock on hand)

B Grade Mono 285w

CanadianSolar A grade MonoPerc; 60 cell, 315w

A grade MonoPerc; 72 cell, 385w


Spring 2019-solar panel specification sheet PDF file here


Key benefits of Perc

  • top efficiency 60 cell 315w / 72 cell 385w
  • MONO PERC, the latest in high efficiency
  • excellent low light performance; the PERC perk
  • A grade
  • Use 60 cell for roof top install
    • 39″x65″ size for ease of install 
    • Lower weight (40lbs/18.2kg) is easier for DIY
  • 72 cell 385w are ideal for off grid ground mount/professional installation, lower BOS
    • 50 lbs / 36kg
    • 39″x80″ for lower BOS cost
How do I get them? (Now shipping!)

A 50% FULLY REFUNDABLE etransfer deposit starts your order. Pickup times are typically Saturday a.m. at our storage facility. But we offer flexible pickup times for larger orders. Free delivery within a 100km range of Perth for pallet orders.

How does the price work out?

  • Well. First off:  ALL prices are $ Canadian!
  • FREE pickup Perth

Start your order here!

How do I pick them up?

  • For small orders: distribution day is usually a Saturday in Perth. Shipping has begun.
  • Medium/Large orders: Distribution day or reserve a time.

The same as last year, we will have solar cables, pre-made in 25′ or 50′ lengths. Custom pre-orders welcome!

We use top quality RVPU (Sunlight and underground burial rated!) 10 gauge cable and MC4 connectors same as your panels. Plug and play!

The right cables. The right type. The right size.

Spring is here. The time is now!

Oh. Time is running out. And, as in years past. When they’re gone. They are gone.

Is this the lowest price ever?

No. Last year was actually lower by 3-8%. This year we do have increased performance per panel. Which means lower install costs and more power output over the long term. However, the poor performance of the Canadian dollar has not been our friend. Covid has also brought supply interruptions and this has increased costs. We were shipped 60% of our panel order. We hope to receive more panels in mid to late summer. Still, with the new monoPERC and the relative low cost of solar panels vs system cost. The increase in cost is 10% on the panels, itself 10% of the system cost. Your net price increase is 1%. Meh.

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