March 23, 2018 3 season off grid solar

3 season off grid solar

The perfect solution for 3 season off grid, from $5,199

Our Snowy Owl system is ideal for 3 season off grid. It will run a tremendous amount of stuff. Fridge, microwave, coffee maker, A/C, dishwasher. Just not all at once. Two major appliances at a time please. Or upgrade the inverter and run more.

I call this the Raven 48, seen here on the assembly bench. Clean, easy to install; just plug and play. Fully featured. This upgraded 3 season system features 6 345w solar panels, 3 kw inverter, 45 amp solar controller, lightening protected combiner box and much more.

The base system includes

  • PowerWing lithium battery pack with 4kw useable
    BlueBIRD BMS (battery management with charts and graphs!)
  • Victron 1200w inverter at 48v; bluetooth programmable!
  • Victron 150v/35a solar controller with ultra fast mppt and bluetooth monitoring and logging
  • 1 kw of solar panels
  • Full BOS (balance of system) Including dc rated fuses, circuit breakers, disconnects and more.
  • It all fits in a drawer. Wha??? These systems are really tiny by off grid standards. Lithium really helps

Upgrades for longer seasons include:

  • go up to 6 solar panels
  • add another battery
  • add integrated charging (even with smaller generators)

Remember, we design our systems for 25 year lifespans. That’s every component, not just the solar panels or a piece of wire.

That’s why we say; our off grid systems, backed by dozens of installs and happy customers from around the world; are the best value. We do work very hard to make it right.

Note: Due to high demand for the new Lothlorien off grid system, for 2020 we are only producing a few Grey Owls. Please be patient and if you’re interested. We recommend booking soon.

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