September 27, 2019 Climate action starts with you

Climate action starts with you

As those of you who know me well, know very well, I’m all about climate action.

And I walk the talk

  • I’ve built a bird and butterfly sanctuary. 6 acres of forest and field. Complete with grass fields managed for ground nesting bird habitat. And clusters of butterfly friendly flowers and a plantation of milkweed.
  • I’ve started a solar business, slaving for three years now building actual systems that eliminate real co2 emissions on an ongoing basis.
  • I’ve stood up and talked. I’ve written and been published. I’ve gone on radio. Gosh its kind of fun, really.
  • I’ve supported with hard cash worthwhile climate and renewable energy endevours.

But, not to be too sanctimonious; smile; it isn’t about me.

It’s about you. Climate action starts with everyone. Climate action starts with you.

If our climate is dying the death of a thousand cuts, then we heal it with a thousand stitches.

At BobolinkSolar we meet, daily, all the people with thread in hand. Thank you for joining us, Kelvin and Sue, at BobolinkSolar. We love you. We love our environment. We are all working hard to build real solutions. Hip hip huzzah!

And, as a post note: Don’t forget, Sue has grid tie solar, has an electric car, installed an air source heat pump, replacing gas heat. Real actions that speak to our future.

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