Month: June 2016

  • Where are we going?

    Finding solutions to problems There is a problem with solar. Lack of information that is reliable. Vendors acknowledge only their products. The web is a morass of incomplete info as people hug knowledge to their chests as if it were worth more hidden away then shared. The role of Bobolink Solar is to find solutions and share […]

  • Online Solar Tools

    SmA online solar designer software This online software does it all. Put in your panels, your location, your dreams and aspirations. Very cool. Morningstar has nice solar panel string calculator Input your panel voltage/amp output Your charge controller values Nah, you don’t have to pick their equipment. you can put in your own or […]

  • Welcome to Bobolink Solar

    Introducing Bobolink Solar A message from Creek Bobolinksolar’s job is to bring you the latest solar equipment for off grid, grid tied and self consumption at a good price. I’ve been living off grid for 6 years now. I’ve generated mega watts of power. I’ve pushed the envelope of small but sturdy systems that deliver great value […]