December 25, 2017


BobolinkSolar is the new Canadian distributor for QNBBM balancers  After first testing and then building Canada’s first repurposed Volt NMC active balancing units we were delighted to find the QNBBM product was so very efficient and effective. Other BMS solutions were looked at. Some are almost as good. Those ones had high prices. Others, designed […]

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August 25, 2017 Exclusive: Custom PowerWings lithium battery cables

Exclusive: Custom PowerWings lithium battery cables

BobolinkSolar is please to announce new custom cabling for our SESS solution Our PowerWings lithium Solar Energy Storage System (SESS) solution just got better. With new, exclusive, custom cabling, we bring stronger, smarter battery management to all our customers. Well. That’s what we’re working at here. Better solutions. Safer, smarter, stronger. Thank you for your […]

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