Ironridge solar racking kit

Deluxe Ironridge Solar Panel Rack Kit: SOLD OUT


A full kit. All this and more!

This is a great kit. Top quality max strength.
  • Kit will hold at least 5 panels
  • Includes 40″ adjustable angle leg kit! Easily set ideal angle/orientation
  • 9′ XRS Ironridge rails! The strongest. 170mph wind etc. 
  • Can be used for roof or ground mount.
  • Over 30 major pieces, dozens of smaller bits
For a list of parts and more pics

Here are some of the actual bits. Long legs let you tilt or orient your panels with ease. Sturdy steel post mounts means your panels are staying where you put them. This is top quality stuff.
  • 4 – XRS rails, anodized alum, 9 ft 
  • 6 welded steel post mounts!
  • 3 adjustable tilt 40″ legs (can be modified), 3 – 6″ tilt legs
  • 12 – Clamps, 4 splices, 10 PV wire clips; 4 WEEB jumpers
  • 1 ground lug ; 5 ground pins; etc

  • lots of stainless bolts, screws etc. This is a great kit.

If you need extra you can still buy the bits online.

Pickup Perth.


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