Month: February 2017

  • BobolinkSolar now a SmartNet Member

    Bobolink is proud to be accepted into the SmartNet Alliance Hi Kelvin, Congratulations! BobolinkSolar has been approved to be a SMARTNet Alliance Member. We are working to build an Alliance of businesses who share our mission: To accelerate the transition to Canada’s sustainable economy. Our members work together to help each other succeed. Call it a feather […]

  • How do you fight climate change?

    How do you fight climate change?

    The time is now You fight climate damage by changing habits We made this mess one drop of oil at a time. We clean it up one electron of solar at a time.

  • Getting a Permit: basics

    Getting a permit The first question before installing a solar energy system is, “do I need a permit?” The answer is maybe. Call your local townhall to: investigate local building codes, zoning ordinances, and subdivision covenants, as well as any special regulations The City of Toronto has published this guide to their process. In Toronto’s […]

  • Why Bobolink? The JEE hypothesis

    Saying no to nuclear and debt Let’s be honest. Bobolinksolar is located in Ontario. A region of the world that is consistently rated at the top of “great places to live” indexes. So why is Ontario 18th on the investment index? Why do entrepreneurs not flock to this highly educated, beautifully built, connected to nature […]

  • 12S battery monitor

    Battery monitor, recorder, alarm: $100 Temporarily sold out Wow. These sold fast. Okay. So I’m putting in another order. If you’re doing off grid solar and need lithium battery monitoring, let me know. Yes I’d like to receive an update notice when they’re available. [cform-nd id=”261″]

  • Solar All-In-One: coming when?

    The new class of solar controller / inverter and charger products (CICs)are coming Some of them, like the Victron Quattro have been around for awhile. Though the Victron is technically only an inverter/charger the “multigrid” and “easy solar” are coming soon to North America. So what is this new class of solar device?