How do you fight climate change?

The time is now

Why are we here? To build a better world. The time is now

You fight climate damage by changing habits

We made this mess one drop of oil at a time. We clean it up one electron of solar at a time.

Build a cleaner future by adopting cleaner technologies. Get your electric car. It will help. Heat your house with the sun. That helps. Heat hot water with the sun. The new technologies: solar panels, heat pumps, electric cars. They are marvelous. They are part of the solution.

Of course, there are many ways to fight climate change. Eat less red meat. Insulate your home. Put in better windows. You’ll also be healthier and more comfortable.


Saying yes to the JEE hypothesis

Joy: The joy of securing, for yourself and your family, guaranteed electrical costs for the next 25 years.

Environment: The joy of reducing the need for pipelines, tar sands and CO2 emissions.

Economy: The joy of jobs, jobs, jobs. A solar grid transformation means jobs. Research. Industry. Verification. Installation. Maintenance.

Good jobs for this and following generations.

Lower energy costs. The real danger to our current path is that we price ourselves out of the world markets. Capital, talent are very fluid. They will go to where the opportunities grow.

With a solid solar infrastructure, done right, we can create a stronger energy grid. Reduce costs. Increase our attractiveness. Reduce uncertainty.

That’s why “bobolinksolar”

Please. Join us in our “GIGAWATT challenge.” Together we can, quite rapidly, build a brighter future.

The time is now


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