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SOLD OUT Silfab deal

Silfab deal SELLS OUT

BobolinkSolar had access to a small number of polycrystalline 72 cell 305 and 310w panels from Silfab. These were  a terrific deal for many folks. Such a good deal they sold out in record time.

Thanks for your support of BobolinkSolar. Super appreciated.

Is there a difference between mono and poly panels?

There is no difference functionally between mono and poly panels. Some say mono are better in low light or poly are better in haze, but those ideas are from “the olde days.” These panels are 16% efficient, so they are ideally suited for those who are not space constrained and want the highest watts for the dollar.

We’re looking for our next deal
We are looking for more panels at the BobolinkSolar price. Two ways to find out when the deal arrives:

  • pre-register your panel need/interest
  • bookmark and visit regularly!

Pick up will be in Perth, ON.

Pre-purchase registration form

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Also on offer

Hanwha Peak G4

Hanwha Q cells

Recently we confirmed access to Hanwha Q cells, one of the top rated panels. These are A grade with two main choices. One poly and one mono. Both are 60 cell.

Award winning.

The Q cell Pro is a mono cell panel with outstanding >17% efficiency and the lowest degradation rating in the sector. Ideal for any system where space is tight or for someone looking for better lifespan efficiency. Clever use of technology makes this one of the best panel deals available.

Hanwha Pro G4 60 mono cell 275w

1-4          : $234
5-10       : $231
11-26    : $229

The next is a poly panel ideal as the best value per watt. Ideal for ground mount and other situations where space is plentiful.

Hanwha Pro G4 60 poly cell 260w*

1-4          : $197
5-10       : $193
11-26    : $189
All orders for a pallet or more, please contact us.
All prices are “pick up in Perth, ON.” Shipping direct available on orders 10 or more. *Qty limited.

Taxes and shipping are included in the panel price. Cash and carry at Perth, ON. Orders over 10 panels shipping direct may be cheaper.

Specificiation sheet: QPRO-G4_255-Bobolinksolar.

Either way, these are great panels. Summer is coming. Order now.

How to buy

Join the club buy deal

Join the solar club and save!
The basic premise:

My girlfriend needs 10-14 panels. Other friends have joined in requesting panels. So we thought, ting, what if we formed a club to take advantage of group buying power.

Our plan is: pre-order the panels. That way we only order what we have sold. No overhead. One shipping truck. One docking event.* One distribution. Everybody saves! Great idea right!

Easy as 1-2-3
  1. Register your name, email and panels required
  2. When and only when the order is accepted recieve a notification your panels are on the way.
  3. Get the great price. Pick up in Perth, Ontario
    (possibly other locations. We are seeking volunteers offering to be distribution centers. * orders over 10 can ask to have shipments made direct. There will be a cost.

Pre-purchase registration form

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We will not spam. You can sign up for the newsletter. It will contain valuable info as well as latest sales news.

By buying together. By not asking for anyone to carry overhead. Paying for costs directly. That’s how you save money. If you don’t want to save. That’s okay. However, if you want the deal. Register. Save.

This is about having fun and saving the planet. So enjoy!

"At BobolinkSolar we're committed to making solar fun, affordable, and powerful. We hope you'll join us. Peace and happiness," Sue and Kelvin


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