NEW: Price drop on all Bobolink off grid solar kits!

Our off grid solar kits deliver the
latest tech at a Bobolink price

Due to higher than expected sales volume our kits are now up to 5% cheaper! Thank you for your support!

BobolinkSolar helps you build custom off grid solar with:

  • lithium battery modules (NMC or NMA)
  • todays high speed MPPT solar controllers
  • modern, efficient (94%) inverters and inverter/chargers
  • smarter balance of system (BOS)
  • modern high efficiency panels
  • custom designs
  • expandable
  • cost effective

Our goal is to help you build the most reliable solar install possible in 2017.

For more details on our systems see

Full time

3 season

Go camp!

Just a reminder of how we do it
  • No fuss lithium energy storage means the best depth of discharge, no maintenance, safer, cleaner!
  • New technology from the world’s best manufacturers keeps the ease of use, well, easy!
  • Custom harnesses, cables, calculated designs. We work hard to provide solid solutions.
  • Top quality equipment. Choose from Schneider for guaranteed long life and a reliable name. Victron for world class reliability under the roughest conditions. Or go CNBOU for unbeatable value and outstanding features and quality.
  • Our BOS (balance of system) packages come complete. No running around looking for this or that. Instead depend on the worlds best providers. We want your whole system to be done right.


* What does idle mean for an inverter?
(many have asked this question)

There are two important features to look for in any inverter. First, what is the efficiency. Our CNBOU here is 94% efficient. That’s outstanding. Second, check the idle load. Idle load is one of the least understood factors in off grid inverter use. Many many lower cost inverters use amps to describe idle load. Translated these eat 35w every hour. Multiply by 24hrs. 840 watts. And you’ll see worse.*

So let me ask you. If you have a small off grid system. And you get that 3 days of cloud and rain. Which inverter do you want? The one using 840 watts a day. Or the one, like our CNBOU, using 230. That’s the importance of idle load. With our carefully selected inverters, every day of the year you get free extra power.

See. At Bobolink we make decisions based on reality. Yup. You can spend less. But we want you to get more!

*We’ve actually seen a system where the measured idle loss is 60w/hr. That’s 1,4kw every day. Or 1.2 kw more than the CNBOU. Now how much did that extra panel and battery capacity cost you? Proof. At BobolinkSolar we give you the right stuff. For good reasons.

Kim asks “are lithium batteries safe?”

Yes. The modules are among the best, most tested and quality controlled cells available today. We are very lucky to get them. They are rare. We make sure they are not only safe, but will last longer, with our exclusive YellowBird harness and RedWing BMS.

“the rock” asks “Bobolink, can I build a CSA approved system?”

Yes. Victron has also qualified their solar controllers for CSA and the inverters received approval last fall. We may also be able to send you a licensed electrician for installation depending on location.

Allen asks “Bobolink, when can we expect grid tie and self-consumption systems”

With the new Victron approvals grid tie/self consumption is easier! Thanks for asking. We’re working on them now. We have one being installed as I write. We don’t mention all the system variations we have right now. We’re waiting to get the first installs in then you’ll hear more from us. These are CSA approved of course. If you’re interested in joining the first grid tie / netmetering system build group here at BobolinkSolar sign up here.

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