CNBOU 3000 on the bench

Now with an LCD display

CNBOU 3000, hardwire, 5v USB, 12v plug. And now, LCD display for voltage and amps out. Neat.

The CNBOU inverters continue to impress with their many features, but here’s a new one. An LCD display.

CNBOU 3000 also features

  • 3,000 watts of pure clean power with a 6,000w surge!
  • new DSP pure sine wave form
  • auto restart on overload
  • 5v USB (ideal for connecting monitor/controls like arduino), 12v out (power for triggering relays). Saves on additional power supplies and makes custom configurations much easier!
  • hard wire 250a block
  • nifty lcd voltage and amp out display
  • cool orange colour

Pre-testing improves your peace of mind

Yup. These new inverters have a lot going for them; and remember, we pre-test all our equipment before shipping. Your inverter comes complete with wave form test, “pre burn-in” and inspection. Not to mention

Great price!

(All in price includes everything: Even free shipping for the month of June!)

Model Price
2000 – 48 479.00
3000 – 48* 825.00
5000 – 48* 1,390.00
  • these models are hardwire capable with 250a wiring block
Special note: these inverters come aprroved as "nice quality build" from our rocket scientist. High words of praise indeed.

Here’s a pic of the wave form from our CNBOU 2000 test. Nice right!

Pure clean wave form. Nice.

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