Victron pricing 2020

Introducing Victron solar products 2020

Or, why we love Victron solar equipment when building alternative grids 

4 Key benefits

Ease of use. These systems are controlled with your phone. Monitor, adjust, start, stop. All with a tap of the icon. 

Reporting reporting reporting. To maintain a solar system its unbelievably handy to have reports on output, input and throughput. smile. Simple bluetooth/phone app reporting with charts and lots of useful detail: really puts our BobolinkSolar Victron systems in another league.

Longevity. Victron means long life. Lower hassle costs. Fewer surprises.

Now approved for Canada!
Your demand has helped Victron brave the waters of regulation. cUL certified.

Take advantage of Victron now
  • 5 year warranty!
  • designed for decades of use
  • outperforming
    • 94% efficient inverters. Beat that!
    • Lowest idle loads. More power for us!
    • Optimized mppt tracking with faster refresh. Better shade tolerance!
  • Bluetooth monitoring and programming, built in!
  • Custom controls for charge profiles, voltages and much more
  • the most flexible, future forward and solid equipment around


The bluetooth dongle!

This nifty device lets you monitor and program a wide range of Victron equipment. Bluetooth now included in almost all of their solar controllers. And available for the small inverters. Neat! Powerful! Programmable!

 ItemRetail U.S. OnlineBobolink 
Victron Bluetooth Dongle$95 usd50 usd55 cad! 
Okay. We over ordered.

Solar controllers on sale

The Victron solar controllers have two unique advantages plus two wonderful aspects.

  1. Get the app! Do away with the display. You save money, plus get better access. Win/win
  2. Double mppt. The Victron are unique in this category using a double mppt strategy. What does this mean? If there is shading on one part of one panel a normal controller sets the mppt level to the lowest panel. All the unshaded panels are set to the shaded level. Major power loss. With Victron the controller watches to see if there is a better mppt level, like the one on the unshaded panels, and then sets a better level. Major power gain!
  3. Of course you get the famous Victron reliability. 5 year warranty! And thousands of controllers in the field proving the reliability.
  4. And price! Even the regular price is amazing for what you get. The price is a bit more than the Asian and a bit less than the US/European alternatives. Compared to the Asian you get better control algorithms and manufacture quality. Compared to the US/European you get better control algorithms and better price. Win/win!

Sale prices

Because prices are changing so rapidly we are asking you to bear with us as we update 2020 pricing. Now cUL. All are with Bluetooth reporting and control.

75v SmartSolar MPPT 75/15165
150v controllers
Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/35445
  cUL, bluetooth, by far our biggest seller 
Victron SmartSolarMPPT 150/60650
Victron SmartSolarMPPT 150/70712.5
Victron SmartSolarMPPT 150/85840
Victron SmartSolarMPPT 150/1001075
NEW Higher voltage! 250v for bigger strings of panels or longer distances to your cabin/home. 
NEW 2020 SmartSolar MPPT 250/60875
NEW 2020 SmartSolar MPPT 250/701015
SmartSolar MPPT 250/851125
SmartSolar MPPT 250/1001275
Due to the rapid fluctuation of the Canadian dollar these prices are pretty solid, but if the dollar plummets much further or gains back, we will update the price at sale. Thank you for understanding.

Solar inverters

The Victron inverters are leaders in three areas

  1. amazing efficiency. At 48v the Phoenix 1200 is 94% efficient and uses 6w on idle. Not some special “oh, well if you have nothing plugged in idle” but regular good old always ready to run a load idle. For off grid you can rarely use “waiting idle”; if you have led lights they won’t trigger on “waiting idle”; you may have a clock on your microwave or stove. Those loads need to be run. “Waiting idle” has its place. Just not for homes off grid.
    (Note: Most “other guys” inverter uses 35w on idle. That’s 840 watts every day. Vs the Victrons 144. Imagine you get 3 cloudy days. Which inverter do you want?)
  2. Ability to adapt. With changing battery tech its become useful to change some settings inside the inverter to better manage the new voltage variations. All our Victron inverters have this ability, easily accessed through the Victron App.
  3. Proven reliability. Victron has proven performance from the marine world. These inverters last and last. Not just for years. But for a decade. And they are designed and built to run continuously. Every day. For years. That simply can’t be said about a great deal of the competition. 5 year warranty.

Sale on 24v inverters

FREE Bluetooth dongle. Promotion limited to stock on hand, limited qty.

Phoenix 24v/250w VE.Direct NEMA 5-15R   150 /free dongle
  120v, 60hzQty: 3
Phoenix 24v/375w VE.Direct NEMA 5-15R170 /free dongle
  120v, 60hzQty: 2
Phoenix 24v/800w NEMA 5-15R socket400 /free dongle
   120v, 60hzQty: 1
 Phoenix 48v/1200w NEMA 5-15R socket 700 /free dongle
   120v, 60hz Qty: 1
Free dongle allows programming and monitoring of the inverter. Perfect for adapting to new battery technologies like lithium. Price doesn’t include shipping.

For ordering, contact Kelvin for a quote on shipping and final sale amount.

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Thanks! Kelvin and Sue

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