CNBOU continues to impress

5000w inverter and the idle loss is?

24.3. Really. This is a 5000w inverter. Bobolinks is happy to find the idle load is 1/2 to 1/4 what we would expect to see.


There it is. Blue on blue. The idle load on the CNBOU 5000 watt inverter is 1/2 to 1/4 what one might expect. This is world class.

Just a reminder. I have seen, in this class, 60w idle load. Now take 24hrs, multiply by 24.3.  With a CNBOU, call it 600w that your solar system needs to make every day just to supply your inverter. Now. Take 60w/hr that a lower quality inverter will consume. That’s 1500w a day.

Which inverter do you want?

And this inverter has a tested and proven beautiful sine wave. Need I say more?

The times are changing

I have to change my advice. It used to be you shunned lower cost inverters because the idle loss ate way too much power. But here we have a new class of low cost DSP enabled inverters. And the idle loss is measured . By BobolinkSolar. Photos clearly shown.

CNBOU measured idle losses
  • 2000w at 9.6w
  • 3000w at 17.8w
  • 5000w at 24.3w

I am gobsmacked. And delighted. Welcome to 2017 I guess.

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