New products, bigger crew!

Shhhh, BobolinkSolar has been busy

We’ve been working on new off grid kits; building new relationships with suppliers; attending training; adding new technology; stay tuned!

Introducing our exclusive RedWing battery module management system

The first BMS in done.

BobolinkSolar is very happy to announce the first BMS has rolled off the assembly line. Thanks to Brad’s careful wiring we have an even better Volt battery module management system.

Our harnesses, introduced in August, linked the cells of larger Volt based packs together. Now the BMS takes those linked cells, and with “active balancing” keeps the cells in perfect harmony.

The PCBs we brought in tied even larger module packs together.

The PCB allows us to add up to 9 modules together. Allowing some 20kw of power to be linked safely. Huzzah!

This final step in my year and a bit long quest for the ultimate in Volt battery SESS management is complete. You can imagine how happy I am. Whew!

What is Active Cell Balancing

Active cell balancing is the best method of keeping battery cells in harmony. It takes the highest cell and transfers energy to the lowest cell.

This simple technique is more difficult than it appears. Most BMS solutions rely on a Passive Cell Balance. This technique takes the highest cells and burns energy, usually through a resistor, to get the voltage down to the lower cells. Yuck.

Active cell management is the best tech. And we have it, exclusively here at BobolinkSolar.

Kelvin goes back to school

On August 21, thanks to Volts Energy of Montreal, Kelvin took part in a Victron training program for professional installers.

Kelvin says, “I was very happy to attend. And the learning opportunity became another step on our road of continual improvement. Special thanks to Sébastien of Volts Energy and Rich from Victron USA.”

Further CSA approvals received and coming

Victron has recently received CSA approval for their MPPT solar controllers. These are pretty much the best solar controllers out there right now. Especially for the dollar. So we’re very happy to have Canadian approval added.

The inverter/charger series approvals are coming by Christmas as well. This is very exciting for us. Starting in 2018 we will have a full range of inverters that have that unparalleled reputation for reliability joining our Schneider inverter/chargers.

The Victron equipment fits in two ways. One they have lower cost inverters underneath the Schneider line. Then they have very powerful inverters above the SW Schneider line.

So it will really benefit our customers. Both at the small camp level and at the huge camp level. Huzzah.

Another first

Note our new “custom lithium battery cables.” Another BobolinkSolar exclusive. Another “first!”

First wiring harness install
Custom Module cables mean more cells in parallel. Supporting better cell drift management. Huzzah!

Some great systems. Great info coming. We’re working on it!

Much more on the way

Thanks for your support. And, as always, keep checking back.

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