Off grid solar and Schneider SW

Our first Schneider SW series build

Victron controller mated to the Schneider SwitchGear Box and a 4014 SW.

This is a new Schneider build. Consider this a first peek at one of the new kits coming from BobolinkSolar.


  • Schneider SW 4048
  • Schneider SwitchGear (with 100a solar control breaker and 250a inverter breaker. Completely breaks the battery from the entire system with two flipped switches! Sweet.)
  • Monitor and program with Schneider’s SCP.
  • Victron 250/85. The user is installing 3.7kw of solar.
  • The client is out of internet range. And asked for additional monitoring. Note the 200a shunt and ammeter (to be wireless at the final installation).

I’ll add to this post later. Lots to do today. Was  excited to get this build up. Congratulations to Mr. A. Well done.

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