System in a drawer

The neatest discover of 2017?

System in a drawer

You can see a breakdown of the system in a drawer on youtube. Ontario Lakeside is a talented film guy and his videos are a pleasure to watch. He’s documented a lot of his off grid build. Check it out. He has a really nice pole mount for his 3 solar panels too.

Go watch “System in a Drawer”

The coolest thing is the way he set up his system. Who needs a solar shed when you can have a solar drawer? I am gobsmacked. This is real progress. And defines the changes in solar system design and technology.

Battery, 4kw useable, check. 1200w inverter at 48v, check. 150v/35a solar controller with ultra fast mppt and bluetooth monitoring and logging, check. High voltage dc rated fuses, check. All fits in a drawer. Wha???, check.

Anyone who has ever built a solar system will look at this and laugh out loud. This system is absolutely incredible.

Speaks to what we’re discovering about BobolinkSolar customers. They are a special crew indeed.

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  1. Hey Kelvin

    Just got back from the cottage. I shut the system down from November to March and the total loss was .75 volts!
    I also checked the cells with a voltmeter and found them to be within .01 volts of each other. Installed the new harness without issue.

    Thanks for a reliable system!


    • Thanks for letting us know things are working well.
      Particularly, that the battery modules are performing as expected. Reliable power! The “yellowbird” harness will put more cells in parallel. Making the system even more robust. Huzzah.

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