October’s news: New BMS and Brad joins the flock

Great news: Brad joins the team!

I’m super happy to have met Brad, his wife Mary, and just a few days ago, Basil, their new son.

Brad is joining us here at BobolinkSolar to do installs and improve customer response time. When I started this company I hadn’t realized I was doing such a good job and everyone would want BobolinkSolar installations. Smile. It has been busier than anticipated for sure.

So now Brad, trained at Algonquin College, is coming on board to get the installations done faster and more professionally. He wired up the new BMS. Check them out.

The new BMS

The first BMS in done.

BobolinkSolar is very happy to announce the first BMS has rolled off the assembly line. Thanks to Brad’s careful wiring we have an even better Volt battery module management system.

Our harnesses, introduced in August, linked the cells of larger Volt based packs together. Now the BMS takes those linked cells, and with “active balancing” keeps the cells in perfect harmony.

Custom Module cables mean more cells in parallel. Supporting better cell drift management. Huzzah!

The PCBs we brought in tied even larger module packs together.

The PCB allows us to add up to 9 modules together. Allowing some 20kw of power to be linked safely. Huzzah!

This final step in my year and a bit long quest for the ultimate in Volt battery SESS management is complete. You can imagine how happy I am. Whew!

What is Active Cell Balancing

Active cell balancing is the best method of keeping battery cells in harmony. It takes the highest cell and transfers energy to the lowest cell.

This simple technique is more difficult than it appears. Most BMS solutions rely on a Passive Cell Balance. This technique takes the highest cells and burns energy, usually through a resistor, to get the voltage down to the lower cells. Yuck.

Active cell management is the best tech. And we have it, exclusively here at BobolinkSolar.



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