New RedWing BMS now available

RedWing BMS brings improved safety and lithium pack longevity to our PowerWing lineup

Our RedWing BMS for off grid lithium battery packs is now available for shipping. The modules are currently available in 12S for Volt derived systems and 14S for Leaf based packs. 6S for 24v packs soon to come.

See our product listing RedWing to order.

We’re super excited to bring a year and half long development process to conclusion. Its been a great journey. Many new friends made. Shout out to Brad who did the assembly. Thank you David for your brilliant design and exploration of new technologies.

Bigger, better, stable pack technology

The new RedWing allows us to tie up to 12 Volt modules together for an astounding 27kWh pack. The cells are paralleled for self balancing and then each cell is overseen by an active balancing topology. This is as good as it gets for 2017/18.

You can see why were quite chuffed about the whole thing.

Of course: At BobolinkSolar we’re committed to doing solar better. New ideas. New tech. We work hard to be smarter. Bring you the best of today’s solar.

And we’ve been rewarded by your support. We really appreciate that. Thank you to all who helped this process. Thank you also to all those who have appreciated and applauded us. And, of course, thanks to the first buyers of our new system.

In particular, Alan, who enticed me into all this work by offering to buy two. I think the final product is a real nice one. Certainly better than I had hoped.

Welcome to the RedWing.

Why the name RedWing?

The Redwing Blackbird is the cop of the local fields and creek at my farm. He defends not just his nest, but all the other nests of the local birds. He is vigilant in chasing away crows, eagles, hawks.

I’ve seen the lead redwing gather posse’s of other male birds and go chase away all non appreciated intruders. It’s something to see three or even five species of male birds flocked together to attack a murder of crows, a hawk or a squirrel.

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