RedWing BMS with “3” harness — $500 (usd)

Gen 3! Shipping now.

The first of our RedWings comes off the assembly line.

To celebrate the increase in volume and the lower costs that that entails. We offering a spring “second run” deal. Get a RedWing complete with “3” harness and shipping for $500 usd or 600 cad. Custom Module cables mean more cells in parallel. Supporting better cell drift management. Huzzah!
Please; sign me up!

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That’s right. You can get a complete RedwingBMS with a 3 module harness for $500 (600cad) until we run out of stock. smile. Geez. That went well. We have one left. Last one on sale!

RedWing BMS does one thing. It keeps your lithium battery pack cells in perfect balance. And it will continue to do so for decades to come. We trust no other BMS at this price point to do that job.

The “yellow bird” wiring harnesses allow you to safely interconnect the Volt modules. This greatly enhances the reliability and safety of your system.

Our YellowBird harnesses are custom manufactured specifically for “Volt” based battery packs. There is no easier, more robust, convenient way to tie all your Volt cells together. And then you just plug in your RedWing BMS! There is a special second harness to allow 4 modules to be tied together. And you can combine those to make 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 or 12 module packs all on one RedWing BMS.

(Note: we do not recommend putting more than 12 modules on any one RedWing. Add another BMS at that point. Max voltage for the RedWing is 84v at 300ah.)

Plus: With this offer, you can purchase additional harnesses for $40 (50 cad).

Why the deal?

Its that time of year. We all want to keep Brad busy working. Jeez. He and Mary have a new son. Brad needs the hours. Baby’s are expensive. Smile. And I have a bunch of stuff in stock. So lets get the ball rolling shall we?

1 left

Don’t worry. Even though the new run is down to 1; We have another run. Shipping on this deal begins at the start of May.
Thanks again for all your support. Super appreciated.

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