3 season off grid solar

New solutions coming for
3 season off grid

SOLD OUT: For research purposes we leave up our 2020 small off grid system. It will run a tremendous amount of stuff. Fridge, microwave, coffee maker, A/C, dishwasher. Just not all at once. Two major appliances at a time please. Or upgrade the inverter and run more. Learn about it below. But understand. New stuff coming for 2022.

This upgraded 2019 3 season system featured 6 345w solar panels, 3 kw inverter, 45 amp solar controller, lightening protected combiner box and much more. The 2020 version features Victron inverters only due to supply.

The base system includes

  • PowerWing lithium battery pack with 4kw useable
    BlueBIRD BMS (battery management with charts and graphs!)
  • Victron 1200w inverter at 48v; bluetooth programmable!
  • Victron 150v/35a solar controller with ultra fast mppt and bluetooth monitoring and logging
  • 945w of monoPERC solar panel greatness
  • Full BOS (balance of system) Including dc rated fuses, circuit breakers, disconnects and more.
  • It all fits in a drawer. Wha??? These systems are really tiny by off grid standards. Lithium really helps.

This system is basically as good as solar gets in 2020. Superior lifespan and truly 2020 leading robust efficiency. We’ve found that building with only the best means lower maintenance and headaches. So. Bobolink meets its promise. Save time and money!

Upgrades for longer seasons include:

  • go up to 6 solar panels
  • add another battery
  • add integrated charging (even with smaller generators)

Remember, we design our systems for 25 year lifespans. That’s every component, not just the solar panels or a piece of wire.

That’s why we say; our off grid systems, backed by dozens of installs and happy customers from around the world; are the best value. We do work very hard to make it right.

Note: Due to high demand for the new Lothlorien off grid system, for 2020 we are only producing a few Grey Owls. Please be patient and if you’re interested. We recommend booking soon.




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