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ALL NEW SYSTEMS — new batteries, new inverters, new processes


FOR researchers we leave up
the 2019 Lothlorien

 2020 brings the Lothlorien 

This is our new Victron inspired build. Victron Quattro inverters. Victron solar controller. NMC lithium Battery. Exclusive BlueBird battery management. A complete DIY kit available exclusively from BobolinkSolar. This is among the finest 2020 solar systems available. Supported by BobolinkSolar. 

This tidy powerhouse comes with amazing flexibility. Configure it according to your budget and need. Comfortably equipped from $12,500.

Typical system:

  • 3 or 5 kw of solar panel. This year we have 315w 60 cell CS6K or 385w 72 cell CS3K (really lovely top tier panels)
  • Model 3 or 5 Victron Quattro inverter power. The Quattro comes with up to 70 amps generator charging. Beast mode enabled!
  • Victron 150/45 to 250/60 solar controllers. The 250 version of this controller allows you to put your solar panels up to 500 ft from your home with 4g wire. Ya. That’s right. 150m/500ft. No worries. Reasonable cable costs.
  • 12kwh NMC lithium solar energy storage (SESS). Lithium based storage means smaller, lighter, lower maintenance. Key to a modern efficient solar system. Brook no substitute.
  • Computer/Phone Reporting!!! I can’t stress enough the amazing level of reporting available with our solar systems. It means you can communicate with our support team in a way never before possible. This is one of the defining moments of BobolinkSolar systems. 

Can’t touch it!

Grow and grow again

While systems vary with need: The options are endless. Grow to small village size.
  • Single, Dual Victron Quattros for 6 to 60 kwh of 240v or even 3 phase inverter power with the Triple. This is HUGE! Good cottage power to enough for a village. It starts here.
  • 5 kw of CSK Grade A solar panel goodness (in Ontario that’s 25kwh daily all summer long; 15kwh solar runs for a good sized home)
  • Victrons latest 250/100 solar controller with that blazing speed and 5 panels on each string! Allows you to easily run up to 500 ft from your install.  
  • BobolinkSolar exclusive:  NMC lithium storage (4 modules; expandable to 12, 4-6 realistically needed)
  • exclusive BobolinkSolar BlueBIRD BMS and YellowBIRD battery harnesses. Nobody else has it.
  • Plus top of the line BOS (balance of system)
  • Monitor and program via bluetooth for ease or wifi for range.  No need to run around. Configured for remote monitoring.
  • Custom upgrades available.
Full time deluxe starts $12,500

This will easily run most full time cottages; including charging your electric car: (yup, pick yourself up off the floor)

  • One Model 3 Victron Quattro for flexible, expandable inverter power
  • Six 315w Canadian Solar Grade A solar panel goodness — monoPERC!
  • One 150/45 Victron solar controller with that blazing speed (up to 5 panels in each string with the 250/60. Allows you to easily put the solar up to 500 ft from your home). 
  • 8kwh of BobolinkSolar’s exclusive NMC lithium storage  
  • exclusive BobolinkSolar BlueBIRD BMS with YellowBird battery harness(s).  
  • Plus top of the line BOS (balance of system) 
  • Monitor and program with bluetooth for ease or wifi for range. No need to run around. Configure remote monitoring!
  • Custom upgrades available.
Sorry. Limited quantities remaining for 2020 due to high demand/Covid. If you’re thinking to install in 2020, contact us now. Current shipping is August earliest.

Note: Our systems are designed for full time with limited or no generator use. However, this is Ontario. So the heavy cloud in November and December make it a good idea to add generator support. You don’t need a huge generator; and you will use it infrequently.  This is a sensitive topic for some. May we suggest you consult with Kelvin before going shopping? Smile.

Our first big off grid system: circa 2017
Our first big off grid system. Victron controller mated to the Schneider SwitchGear Box and a 4048 SW. What a great start!

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