Building solar, a workshop!

BobolinkSolar Solar Workshop

Thank you all who attended our first BobolinkSolar workshop! We had a lovely five hour romp through the intricacies of solar building. Lessons were learned. Sue and Kelvin extend their thanks and appreciations to the course participants.

For those who couldn’t make it: We may do another one is June. Let us know if your interested. In all likelihood we will stick with the McMartin house. The room worked well for our group of 15.

Date to be determined,  McMartin House, 10 to 3:30 or so, Edna Greene Room; Perth

Don’t be left out

Due to a large number of folks who were unable to get into my solar presentation at the Tiny Home festival Kelvin is offering a workshop on solar system design and assembly.

Workshop includes:

In a brisk 10 to 3 or 3:30 time frame we will cover:

  • Quick presentation: What is today’s solar.
  • A paper based workshop on calculating the actual build.
  • 1/2 hr respite for refreshments and lunch (bring your own as a kitchen is open for use/or various restaurants are nearby, Tim’s, pizza, etc)
  • Streamlined assembly of a sample system.
    Divided into groups we will have a go at doing some actual assembly. This will reinforce paper lessons as well as cover many of the details of a safe install. We expect it to be useful for both DIYer and non by helping you understand what labour/equipment/safety considerations etc are actually involved and solved.
  • includes detailed exploration of implementation details
  • we will be assembling at least one “loon” system and testing
Explore the many options and variables during this action filled day.

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Go to a map of the McMartin House

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