Quick Update: 2018 very busy!

Busy 2018 keeping Kelvin running

— over 100kw of lithium batteries installed, including Volt, Ford EV, and Panasonic cells now on offer!

— over 60kw of solar panels shipped!

— doubled shipments of Golden Eagles, 4x Grey Owl and the new 24v Loon is selling well!

Hi everyone, I’ve had some questions about why the website isn’t changing much. Its because I’m very busy.
We have shipped more than double what we did all last year and the season is only 1/2 begun. Thank you for your support and appreciation of our hard work. Some of you have had to wait a bit longer than I had anticipated. But we are working diligently to catch up. Almost there!

All the best for 2018.


If you’ve been looking, please consider reserving your batteries. There are limited quantities available due to strong sales.

Also, some equipment, particularly at the higher end, is in short supply due to the hurricane in the Caribbean last winter. The grid rebuild has had a real impact on equipment supply. Looks like that’s solved now, the 6 month waiting list is much shorter, but be aware if you’re looking at a Golden Eagle, you may wish to pre-order some equipment in anticipation of delays.

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