Kinetic in the house!

Adjustable Kinetic racking now shipping

New 10 panel adjustable racking from Kinetic Solar Racking.

Archie and Henry from Kinetic were kind enough to give Sue and I the tour of their facility and show off the new seasonal adjustable racking system they’ve developed.

Learn more about this system here.

Check it out — a seasonally adjustable ground mount PV module rack. With lovely fat rails; adjustable brackets at ground level for simple fast installs; and easy set angle to give full timers a lot more power.

Note that module angle in Ontario is exceptionally important. In winter a steep angle maximizes solar gain and eases clearing the snow from the panels. The faster self cleaning of snow with our recommended 60 degree angle also helps.

For those with heavy cloud in a shoulder season (Ontario), the spring/fall 45 degree angle will help to minimize or eliminate supplemental charging.

How much more power might you see? More than 30% when you consider winter. No snow on your panels plus a better more direct angle at that low in the horizon winter sun. Adjustable is the answer.

Take advantage of the new free racking design and quote tool

Whether roof mount or ground, you can get an excellent estimate along with a build list. Easy peasy.

Go online to Kinetic Solar’s configuration page

use our TOP SECRET code 5843

complete your solar install configuration

receive pricing

relax with a new page for your off grid or grid tied plan: the complete parts list for your PV racking along with price

To obtain your specifications and quote
  1. Go here Kinetic Quote
  2. Pick your country
  3. Fill in the specifications of your job
  4. Add your |contractors| number! 5843
  5. Receive your quote

Contact Kelvin now to learn more or talk to him about an order with this new system. As always, information supporting the installation process happily provided.

Please remember: We love answering questions and helping is what we’re here for.

Our mandate is to save you money while ensuring you have good reliable back up. BobolinkSolar.



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