New — solar combiner box

Introducing our waterproof, lightning protected,
2/4 string combiner box

Two and even four array combiner w/lightening protection for larger systems. This combiner shown with extensions for connecting two 3 panel arrays.

These deluxe heavy duty waterproof solar combiners are only $175 c/w 2 array string input! 4 string input only $225. Ideal for off grid ground mount installations. Put switches at the panels and keep lightening surge away from the house and main panel.

  • Waterproof
  • lightning protection
  • 2 or 4 string input
  • 30 amp fuse on circuit breaker
  • up to 550v
  • dual leg 32 amp circuit breaker (550v)
  • Expandable!!! Up to 12 strings.
    Sheesh. Bit overkill but … for the money. Great value.

They’re in stock.

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