Top 10 questions we get asked

FAQ: Top ten questions we get asked

What does BobolinkSolar do?

BobolinkSolar mostly provides full DIY off grid solar power kits: That’s battery, solar module(s), inverter, solar controller, balance of system; and pre-assembly as required. These systems are grouped in the three catagories. Small (24v for jobsite, RV, camping); medium (48v for cottage, camp, typically 3 season); large (48v for homes and larger camp communities).

How do I buy a system or equipment from BobolinkSolar?

As our DIY kits have variables to make the systems suitable to a wider range of uses; your order begins with a form contact sent to Kelvin. Quick needs analysis and a quote. Away we go. 

See our Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

How long does it take?

Because the systems are custom it depends on need. Typical delivery times range from 2 to 4 weeks. New design and/or complex larger systems have taken as much as 4 months. We continue to strongly recommend pre-purchasing your battery modules.

How much does it cost?


Small systems range from $1,200 to 2,500. RV systems go higher.

Medium are usually a bit less than $5,000. 3 season cottage version is our top seller.

Large are typically just over $15k. Our well featured “cottage plus” is a best seller in this category. Useful for an off grid home or multiple cottages.

Can I ask for advice?

Yes. If its related to purchasing a system, the help is free. Due to the high volume of research requests we ask for a small $75 usd /$90 fee per hour of assistance for those not purchasing a system from us.

Why a research fee? Two reasons: One, we don’t want to pass on the overhead from helping folks research their systems to our customers. Two, it helps feed our staff which supports our efforts to build better off grid solar.

Note: there is a huge range of information freely available on our website.

Why lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries offer a wide range of benefits.

  • lowest cost per cycle.
  • highest efficiency. Lets your system deliver 20% more power for free.
  • low resistance means using high drain appliances is normal.
  • no memory effect means batteries that are partially discharged actually last longer. This is a revolution in solar energy storage.
  • very low self discharge and wide safe temperature range. 0C/32F to 45C/155F. Note: do not charge below 0C/32F.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

Yes. 50%. We recommend, at a minimum, you pre-pay your battery modules. The batteries are very rare and hard to stock. For this reason we recommend ensuring your battery. All other equipment is usually in stock.

What’s the best way to pay?

Typically we use bank transfer to Sue. Reliable. Cheap. We also accept paypal. No we don’t have charge cards (tho you can use them through your paypal account). For usd we prefer paypal. Out of Canada customers are requested to pay in usd.

Do you ship beyond Eastern Ontario?

Yes. Shipping isn’t hard. When your system is ready. Call your local shipper. Arrange pickup from our warehouse dock.

Tip: For lowest shipping cost arrange “dock” to “dock.” Yes. There is a boxing charge.

How many systems have you sold?

We’re a small company that started in 2017. Yet, to date we have shipped over 15o kwh of solar panels and almost .5 mwh of solar energy storage. From tents to communities we’re coming up on 50 builds (Jan 2019).

Why do you think your systems are the best choice

There are many good systems out there. Where our systems shine is

lithium battery technology
lithium is just so much better. But it has its quirks. We’ve been testing, building and using lithium since June 2016. We’ve designed custom solutions as required to ensure the tech is safe and gets longest use.

custom builds
the advantage of custom is its possible to update technology quickly. Victrons bluetooth enabled solar charge control and inverters are just out. So your system will be using that tech today. In October 2018 we were able to add battery voltage sensing transfer capability (sorry, tech talk). This spring we added better combiner box/disconnect for larger systems. And an improved, easier to use Battery Management System, the BlueBIRD. Its what makes custom so great. The tech is moving fast. We’re right on the leading front.

We’re here to make sure it gets done right. Your install may face hurdles. We’re here to make sure you clear them.

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