Is 2019 the best year yet for off grid solar?

Yes, off grid solar made real strides forward this year

The new lithium batteries (like our PowerWING) really improve the efficiency of today’s solar system. 20%! I know. And, while we introduced these in 2017, this year we are announcing our new BlueBIRD BMS. Shiny graphics and bar charts! Plus solid balancing and improved safety.

BlueBIRD battery management. More data, cool graphs, same quality balancing. Now with optional overvoltage disconnect.

The new solar panels: P type or Perc; more power from the same space. Lowers your BOS (balance of system) and installation cost. Plus improved low light (morning/evening) efficiency.

Inverters have really come of age. This year we have custom inverter settings for our CNBOU line. Perfectly matched to our lithium battery. And Victron continues to make reliable and easy to program inverters — we love them.

Solar controllers are pretty much the same this year. Last years improved high speed intelligent tracking MPPT still the cat’s meow from Victron. Cheaper than some, pricier than others; best performance of all.

BobolinkSolar has also upped our disconnect game. We still have the same great low cost high quality disconnects we’re somewhat famous for. But we’ve added a quality line of waterproof combiner boxes; with lightening protection and solar array disconnects. Price is pretty good. We sell for what the US guys charge but in $Cad.

Two and even four array combiner w/lightening protection now available for larger systems.

Build quality also improves

Better build quality. The market is maturing. A number of areas (like raceways) have seen small improvements in equipment availability and some declining costs.

We were able, by example, to move our 125 and 250 amp bus bars to 350 amps at a lower price.

There’s nothing wrong with the smaller bus bars, but a heavier duty one for a lower price, we’ll take it. Plus it helps us speed up our installations. Now we have standard types. They take one kind of fitting. And we can stock them all easily and cheaply. Huzzah. Everybody wins.

All in all, you can see we’re pretty happy about our promise to you

We promise you the best equipment done right. And we continue to work hard to bring you the best. The most reliable. The toughest equipment.

Affordable quality; it has always been our promise. From your kind words (and hard earned cash), you appreciate our work. Thanks!

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