10 reasons our lithium battery solution rules!

The new lithium batteries for off grid solar absolutely rule the roost. For many reasons: 3x longer lifespan than lead; no maintenance!; 20% higher efficiency (like making your solar system 20% more effective for free); lowest cost of ownership; turns your solar system into a super power solution … and much more.

And BobolinkSolar battery packs rule because

  • 7 year warranty
  • repurposed from electric cars; and tested and true!
  • we’re the originals; taking electric car batteries as a low cost way of getting lithium super power into off grid solar installations
  • two flavours; NMA or NMC
  • two varieties; 24v or 48v
  • the complete solution; BMS options; special wiring harnesses; programmable chargers. In other words, we do it right
  • Canada’s first lithium battery supplier
  • We do research and development.
  • Always, always, always improving
  • Safe, done right
  • We’ve been building lithium battery packs for 3 years! From 1kwh to 25. We work hard to get them better.

Our first lithium pack went live Canada Day 2016!

We also developed our own BMS (battery management) solution when all else failed. In 2016 you could either have an extremely expensive solution or a cheap solution that might last a few months and then destroy your battery pack. We chose to work with others around the world to build a reliable BMS. Mission accomplished with the RedWING BMS seen above.

And we’re always improving. Our BlueBIRD BMS was released this spring. Two years in development it offers some cool graphs and read outs. But also offers “contactor” based disconnect in case of emergency. Nobody does it better.

Yup. Lithium at BobolinkSolar is one of our greatest strengths. That’s one reason over 100 families have chosen BobolinkSolar in our brief hectic fast paced years of being in business.

Great prices. Great technology. All done right!

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