2019 Build of the year

Tuck into cubbies, squeeze between cupboards, wrap around obstacles. A long hard slog, but our build of the year has achieved its goal. The 41′ coach and dual A/Cs are running off the sun. Clean, quiet, reliable power.

This gets my vote for system build of the year

Late in 2018 Colin asked me if I could help him build a massive RV project. I foolishly said yes. And the game was on. With care and deliberation plans were made. Details were attended to. Equipment was ordered.

Colin on the roof. A total of 9 305s offer 2.75kwh of solar. Due to the flat plane, the peak reported to date is 2.25kwh.

Now Colin did the hard work. The install was drawn out, cut and crafted, entirely by Colin. My role was merely to help with system outline, double check, offer support, ideas and general commentary. I may have done a little cable cutting. Nothing significant.

BobolinkSolar did provide the bulk of the system components. Many thanks to our suppliers for their patience and support during this build (rush ships, order changes, we had it all).

At BobolinkSolar we would note how all the battery experience of the last three years is really paying off (thanks to all for their support). The last piece of the physical puzzle for Colin was installing the BMS. Took us what? Maybe 15 minutes? Really we plugged YellowBIRDs into the combiner pcb (built by the two David’s, thx guys), plugged in the new BlueBIRD bms. Voila. BMS assembled and after a couple of clicks on the setup menu. Was working.

A great experience for us all to share.

Some of the system highlights include:

  • Roof mounted PV (2700w)
  • Dual 3kw Victron inverters (in parallel)
  • 17.1 kwh of NMC lithium energy storage (nominal voltage)

These kinds of projects require immense dedication and time. Our hats are off to Colin and his wife, Ruth. Her support and Colin’s blood sweat and no doubt terrors, equals: “System of the Year.”

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