Best portable system ever

SOLD OUT The ultimate Christmas gift for the camper, canoe trekker, hunter

The WREN is the very best small portable outdoor solar powered energy system available in the world. Why? Its the LTO battery, which delivers 500w of lithium energy storage … in a format that can be used from -30C to 60C safely and reliably for something like 100 years. Ya. Titanate is crazy. Not only is it the safest chemistry, it is virtually immune to the weather.

The ultimate system: LTO battery, Victron solar control and AC inverter for both AC and DC loads. Combined with the waterproof box, you have the very best camp / adventure power module available ever in the history of man. Sheesh.

The system is designed to run on the sun. Your Victron solar controller manages both solar charging and battery output to 24v loads (think pumps, lights, any 24v dc appliance up to 15 amps or 375w) with grace and ease. The MPPT algorithm is at the front of solar charging efficiency today. This is the best. Plus it has Bluetooth for programming and monitoring via your phone. The very best.

LTO SOLD OUT. Sorry, someone came in and took them all. It was a spectacular deal. However, we still have NMC based small campsite solutions. The advantage to the NMC is, at a lower price, you have 1kwh of power vs 500 from the LTO. The disadvantage is they must be above 0C to charge.

The Victron 250w inverter will charge tools, phones, run LED 120v ac lights, a TV, radio and much more. Really brings a lot of capacity to any small hunt camp, kayak adventure, etc. Even big tools, as long as they are battery powered, can now be run at any jobsite. Anywhere. Oh ya.

Combined with the included 285w solar panel this one small waterproof tote brings a huge amount of electricity to any small campsite, anywhere, at any temperature. For a weekend, weeks, years, decades on end.

The beauty of the system

That’s right: All of this power fits in a small waterproof tool box. Grab the handle and go. You can hook it up to the included solar panel (or any panel at above 30v/100w or better) and have reliable electricity anywhere.

Or use it for day / weekend trips. Lights, water pumps, TV, etc and recharge at home. Either with a solar panel or, sold separately, a BlackWING charger. The BlackWING will come programmed to charge with home power or from a generator. $495.

This is not cheap stuff. This is the very best. It will outperform, outlast, outlive any other option available today. Period.

And it is also light, portable, easy to transport.

Includes Solar Panel and 50′ of cable.

BobolinkSolar NMC exclusive

The one problem? We have 12 left. Sold dozens.

First come first served. Guaranteed for 15 years.

Buy your new portable energy system now; $1,495 mostly assembled

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  About the battery

The battery is an NMC originally used in a Chevy Volt automobile. It offers world leading manufacture quality, high energy density, 5,000 cycle lifespan, and much more. The NMC chemistry is proving to be the most reliable of the commercially available batteries.

About the solar panel

The included solar panel is 40″x65″ (100x165cm) and weighs 40 lbs. Best installed in a fixed location. It is a Canadian Solar Mono panel of very high quality and features excellent efficiency and 285w of output. In Ontario summer output will be something around 1,800w per day. Giving you lots of power to recharge the battery and use during the day.

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