2020 season begins!

Well, after a lot of waiting for shippers, Covid crisis management, tracking down suppliers; we’ve got our solar panels in stock and our first shipments of equipment from around the world have begun to arrive.

The urgency behind supporting the work required to build a better world has been clearly illustrated. That we are building clean, cheap energy systems in replacement of the old dirty expensive fuel based systems, just part of the fun.

Let the season begin

Finally, for all of you out there waiting for your systems; rejoice. Speed won’t be exceptional as, due to assembly process limitations, I’m building on my own this spring. But at least we’re going forward.

So, thank you everyone for supporting our work to build a better world. And for your patience.

Note: Due to shipping constraints (ie. delays in customs) we are very low or out of many balance of system components, this is effecting order completion. Delays are common. Covid. 

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