COVID interruptions

Dear Friends,

There has been considerable delay in all parts of our production process this spring. We apologize. Mostly its stuff beyond our control. Did you know that UPS is backed up at their Kanata distribution center by a week when it comes to shipping to Perth? Us either. And lets not talk about the 3 month delay one package had at the border. COVID!!!

We also upgraded our website to “Business Pro” with our host. Guess what. All our emails from May 31 to June 06 promptly disappeared. They went out apparently, but we never received them. I’ve been told they’ve fixed the “MX DNS record”. So if you have any trouble contacting us, please use the “contact” form here on BobolinkSolar. You can see the link top right.

However, on a cheery note, the systems we are building are unbelievable. Just beautiful beautiful systems. We’re so happy to be able to bring you these world class solar energy systems, really does our hearts proud. So thanks again for your patience and support.

Peace and happiness, Kelvin and Sue

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