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  • Exclusive: Custom PowerWings lithium battery cables

    Exclusive: Custom PowerWings lithium battery cables

    BobolinkSolar is please to announce new custom cabling for our SESS solution Our PowerWings lithium Solar Energy Storage System (SESS) solution just got better. With new, exclusive, custom cabling, we bring stronger, smarter battery management to all our customers. Well. That’s what we’re working at here. Better solutions. Safer, smarter, stronger. Thank you for your…

  • System in a drawer

    Neatest solar solution ever? Discover BobolinkSolar 3 season packages

  • Victron CSA certification

    Victron CSA certification

    CSA approval is here and we applaud their work BobolinkSolar is pleased to announce the first round of CSA approval for Victron products has arrived. Further certification is in progress and will arrive before Christmas. Huzzah! Press release from 7/24/2017 follows:

  • Off grid solar and Schneider SW

    Off grid solar and Schneider SW

    Our first Schneider SW series build

  • New products, bigger crew!

    New products, bigger crew!

    Shhhh, BobolinkSolar has been busy We’ve been working on new off grid kits; building new relationships with suppliers; attending training; adding new technology; stay tuned! Introducing our exclusive RedWing battery module management system The first BMS in done. BobolinkSolar is very happy to announce the first BMS has rolled off the assembly line. Thanks to…

  • First! The new Victron 250/85 is in

    We promised the latest and greatest Here is Sue showing off what we’ve been told is North America’s first Victron 250/85 solar controller. We will, of course, be testing and configuring the solar controller before shipping it to our customer. That’s what we do now. We pre-test and confirm the normal operation of all shipped…

  • Become a solar super star — Build!

    Become a solar super star — Build!

    Bobolink men and women build Our first panel customer already has a solar system running his freezer, computer and other home appliances. Now he’s adding another string to save even more money. No power outages is a benefit too. Solar builders sing the praises of Lower electricity costs Manages time of day restrictions Improves energy security Working…

  • First panel takes flight

    BobolinkSolar Panel Club takes off David, one of the first to join the Panel Club, is also the first pick up. Thanks David!

  • BobolinkSolar now a SmartNet Member

    Bobolink is proud to be accepted into the SmartNet Alliance Hi Kelvin, Congratulations! BobolinkSolar has been approved to be a SMARTNet Alliance Member. We are working to build an Alliance of businesses who share our mission: To accelerate the transition to Canada’s sustainable economy. Our members work together to help each other succeed. Call it a feather…

  • Welcome to Bobolink Solar

    Introducing Bobolink Solar A message from Creek Bobolinksolar’s job is to bring you the latest solar equipment for off grid, grid tied and self consumption at a good price. I’ve been living off grid for 6 years now. I’ve generated mega watts of power. I’ve pushed the envelope of small but sturdy systems that deliver great value…