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  • NEW: Price drop on all Bobolink off grid solar kits!

    NEW: Price drop on all Bobolink off grid solar kits!

    Our off grid solar kits deliver the latest tech at a Bobolink price Due to higher than expected sales volume our kits are now up to 5% cheaper! Thank you for your support! BobolinkSolar helps you build custom off grid solar with: lithium battery modules (NMC or NMA) todays high speed MPPT solar controllers modern, efficient (94%) […]

  • CNBOU 48v Inverters are here

    CNBOU 48v Inverters are here

    Introducing CNBOU 48v inverters for Off Grid use The new CNBOU 48v inverters offer low idle draw and a clean pure sine wave. The lower cost makes them a good choice for seasonal off grid users and those looking for a quality inverter. You can see our test and review of the 2kw CNBOU inverter. […]

  • A BobolinkSolar Exclusive, lithium energy storage

    A BobolinkSolar Exclusive, lithium energy storage

    Lithium storage is the revolution solar has been waiting for. BobolinkSolar brings repurposed cells from the automotive market to the solar energy storage arena. This innovation, a BobolinkSolar first, greatly reduces the cost of lithium solar storage.

  • First panel takes flight

    BobolinkSolar Panel Club takes off David, one of the first to join the Panel Club, is also the first pick up. Thanks David!

  • Reserve Your Panels Here!

    Reserve Your Panels Here!

    Bobolink solar panel buying club SOLD OUT Silfab deal Silfab deal SELLS OUT BobolinkSolar had access to a small number of polycrystalline 72 cell 305 and 310w panels from Silfab. These were  a terrific deal for many folks. Such a good deal they sold out in record time. Thanks for your support of BobolinkSolar. Super […]

  • 12S battery monitor

    Battery monitor, recorder, alarm: $100 Temporarily sold out Wow. These sold fast. Okay. So I’m putting in another order. If you’re doing off grid solar and need lithium battery monitoring, let me know. Yes I’d like to receive an update notice when they’re available. [cform-nd id=”261″]

  • Ironridge solar racking kit

    Ironridge solar racking kit

    Deluxe Ironridge Solar Panel Rack Kit: SOLD OUT   A full kit. All this and more! This is a great kit. Top quality max strength. Benefits Kit will hold at least 5 panels Includes 40″ adjustable angle leg kit! Easily set ideal angle/orientation 9′ XRS Ironridge rails! The strongest. 170mph wind etc.  Can be used for roof or ground […]