Everything. Every fuse, circuit breaker, nut, bolt, wire … with the very best of 2018 — like lithium battery, mono panel, Victron solar charger and inverter.


Go Loon!

(limited time/qty offer)
More batteries just in — LIMITED QTY for spring 2019. 

BobolinkSolar “Go Loon!” systems are designed for small camps, campers, remote farming etc — Need a smaller system for lights, a kettle, radio, TV or projector, phone charging? Maybe lights and a pump? The Loon is for you. Easily expand to a slightly larger size to run a small refrigerator, induction cooktop and more.

Because these are portable and designed to take abuse, live long and be somewhat expandable they feature:

  • Victron inverters and solar controllers exclusively.
    Why? Tough, reliable, great value for the $. This is the only name you want for a system that is to be moved, carried, portaged, treated to an outdoor life. Brook no substitute. For the camping life you need equipment with a proven ability to handle the rough stuff. That is Victron.
  • We use lithium power storage exclusively. Why? More power, less weight. Reliability.
  • Complete BOS (balance of system)
  • Everything is there. Everything. Every nut, bolt, fuse, breaker, switch, cable. Hunt up nothing. And its not just there. You get the right stuff: everything has been designed and built to be safe and reliable from step one. Middle of a forest somewhere, do you need a break down of your power system. We don’t think so either.
  • Expandable. We try to build in growth. Not always possible. I mean obviously there are limits.  But a lot of the BOS for instance will be useful as you expand. And for equipment that needs to be upgraded, we’ve found as folks trade up they can easily sell older equipment. As its really good stuff, value carries over time, so they get a good return on their initial investment.

Look over the systems. They are all adaptable. Download the freesimplified solar schematic” to track your system build.

We’re ready!


The “Go Loon!” basic system: $1240

This system will run lights, a fridge, let you use a kettle and more. In fact, some folks leave the panel at home, and use the battery with inverter for a weekend of camping with lights, phone chargers and more. Of course, more permanent situations let you put your panel in the sun, hook up to your controller and you’re good from late spring thru early fall!

Victron 350/24 w inverter
75/15 Victron MPPT
Victron dongle (bluetooth control/monitor)
1kw lithium battery
285w solar panel (Mono, cool black on black frame and panel. Top of 2017 quality. based on availability).
Complete balance of system:
 * Solar cable (25ft x 2)
 * 1 circuit breaker (panel to solar controller)
 * 1 disconnect (solar controller to battery)
 * bus bar(s)
 * all cables (battery, solar controller, “whips”)
Kelvin, I’d like more power to run more stuff at once
Grow your power to:
 * 500w Victron inverter (+100)
 * 800w Victron inverter (+350)
* extra 285 mono panel (+225)**
* additional battery (+350 per 24v module)
**sorry. We are selling these panels with systems only.