January 31, 2018 New website in progress!

New website in progress!

Our new website is up and evolving

Day one: The new website is up!

We’ve just (Jan 29) put up our new website. Isn’t it nifty? Smile. HTTPS:!!! Which makes for improved security and safety!

Anyway. There are lots of changes and updates coming with the new site. Better order management, improved payment options, lots of extra info. Huzzah.

You can help

So we’re asking you, our noble reader/supporter, to help out with feedback. See any changes, ideas, concepts, products, problems that we might address? Let us know! There will be monthly prize draws and cash rewards.

The first reward went to Kameron who pointed out that the payment option isn’t working. Thanks Kameron. He received $20 off his first purchase as a result of his thoughtful comment.

Welcome 2018 and the next season of solar!

Shout out

And a shout out to Colin. Your work is amazing and, judging by comments already received, really appreciated. Thanks Colin!


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