Ontario Net Metering application form

Easy fill form for Ontario home owners wanting to do a Net Metering agreement

Solar in the net metering model has a good financial return as well as being ecologically smart. Plus, Ontario has a pretty good net metering program through Hydro One. Your first step: Apply for the program. To do this easily; use our form.

Please note that Ontario Hydro changes the application page from time to time and these links work for a while but …

Most recently the Ontario Hydro application page may be accessed here. For home owners you are a project of 10kW or less. Anything over 10kW involves a much more expensive application process. If you need more power we recommend a 10kW net metering and the additional “behind the grid” with battery.


For customers interested in applying for the Net Metering program or existing Net Metering customers wishing to upgrade or change to a different program or in need of a study agreement, please contact our Dx Generation Connections Group at 1-877-447-4412 or DxGenerationConnections@HydroOne.com prior to submitting a completed Form C – Micro Generation Connection Application (for projects 10 kW or less in size

Hydro One — July 2023

You may then fill out the form using our generic Ontario Net Metering guide. It may look daunting but trust me, once you’re done you will join the many who said, “well, that wasn’t very hard.”

You change your personal information (address, name and such); then use the generic application data as provided in the PDF form; then apply. Don’t worry that the generic information doesn’t align exactly with your final install. Its not an issue with the agreement itself.

We have had good success with applications made using this form. Its easy, quick and it works!

And speaking of help, a big shout out to engineer Don MacKenzie of Perth who created the approved generic application for everyone to use.

Application now approved? Join the club

If you are interested in having a solar system installed BobolinkSolar can also help with:

  • Join the club ($450) — Off grid, grid tied or hybrid. We check your location, look at your loads, help you build a model with outlined costs, and basically answer your questions. Very popular as its peace of mind that you’re getting “today’s” solar and the “club value” helps control and reduce costs with reduced overhead, shipping and “special deals.”
  • Club members receive discounts on equipment through BobolinkSolar, but you may also purchase from any other vendor. So you know that you have options to control equipment costs. As early adopters often do self-installs with the help of an electrician we leave purchasing flexible. Yes, we still work with electricians helping them with design and often getting them access to wholesale pricing. Win-win.

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Just another of the ways BobolinkSolar continues the work of getting solar actually installed. Remember, we’re here to help.
  • BobolinkSolar can also help with some install work. This is a by case support. Note lead times can stretch and geographic limitations apply.