24v 6S Volt battery module


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These 24v modules are ideal for new small system builds.

  • 1 kw of high efficiency power (between 20-24v)
  • ultra light weight at just 11kg
  • superb charging/discharging efficiency (+95%)
  • no off gassing, totally sealed.

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24v modules (2 seen here) are ideal for small camp solar energy storage.

The 24v 6S Volt battery module is ideal for campers, small cottages, weekend excursions. It carries a lot of power in a small 12kg package.

Each module holds 1 kw of power. Lots for lights etc all weekend. You can even run a small fridge is you’re careful for a few days; or for months at a time tied in with a solar panel and controller. Normally installed with our Loon series solar system.

Ideally you match this with the 6S battery balancer.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 30 cm

1 review for 24v 6S Volt battery module

  1. Dave

    I have the complete setup from solar cell to inverter using this 24v battery pack. I cannot say enough about the versatility of this system. I am running a small fridge and various LED light fixtures, along with charging my cell phone, 18v cordless drill batteries and a small personal fan. The whole system, excluding the solar cell fits neatly into a wheeled tool chest for portability. I just recently added a small TV.

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