24v Camp System


These small systems are complete. Light weight. Easy to use. Purchase as a DIY kit or ask for pre-assembly. These kits offer a decade or more of reliable, tough, easy to use excellence. Temporarily unavailable (Feb 2019).

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Small systems for camps, campers, construction sites and mobile use.

Sorry. Due to battery stock limitation this product is not available with batteries. We hope to have this problem solved soon. If you need a system please contact your bobolinksolar representative to discuss battery options.

Tired of the noise and high cost of your generator? Our small systems offer free power for life! Forget your gas and propane bill.

Built with ultra rugged Victron components, and offering a minimum of 275w of solar input power — you’re set to appreciate the sounds of nature with the silent joy of solar. Saving money on gas and propane! Making your family the talk of the town!


  • Victron inverters from 375 to 800w
  • Victron controller from 75/15 to 100/30
  • Solar panel input from 275 to 900w
  • Lithium based battery power from 1 to 3kw usable
  • All fuses, switches, etc.
  • Easy DIY assembly or have Brad pre-assemble

Ideal for those looking for a lower cost and more idyllic camping experience.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 165 × 100 × 60 cm
Custom design

customized to your need, expandable, up to 1kw solar, up to 3kw storage


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