3 season cottage systems


Custom 3 season camp system is ideal for those seeking the best in off grid solar. Some improvements for 2019! Due to battery limitations some quantity limitations for 2019. Please order early.

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We call this The Great Grey Owl — Ideal for 3 season cottages

The Grey Owl supports multiple devices: dishwasher; induction cook top; energy star fridge up to 18cuft.; tv; internet; lights; etc. Well suited for 3 seasons; add a charger with small generator for 4 season use. Ask about load sharing with smaller generators.

This system runs small cottages. Its built to be low maintenance. It comes complete. Custom configured to your exact need. Expandable.

We have sold many of these. Our customers report very high satisfaction. Most folks (3 season) use only solar to charge. This is recommended with this system. The design is for 20 years of operation.

Due to battery stock we will have limited stock for 2019. 5 left as of Feb, 2019. Thanks.

Sample system. From $4.5k and in stock now
  • Victron Energy BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 to MPPT 250/70 with custom charge profile. Includes bluetooth. App. Latest firmware.
  • Victron 1200 Now with bluetooth monitoring! A powerful toroidal inverter designed to live long and prosper.
  • 4.25 kwh PowerWings battery!
    Note these battery modules are plug and play compatible with our Yellow Bird harness and RedWing BMS. Expandable to 25kwh. Lithium offers amazing efficiency. Really changes off grid solar.
  • 1 kw of Solar Panels (915w ish. 3 panels. Up to 6)
    As of Jan 1, 2019: 60 Cell 305 monoPerc modules. 2019 high efficiency.
  • Balance of system (BOS): Our systems come complete. All wiring. Fuses. Etc.
  • battery switch; battery bus bar (dual) and terminal w/fuse (300a)
  • solar combiner box with dc rated 20a circuit breakers (expandable)
  • ALL relevant wiring pre-cut w/lugs etc. from: panels to combiner box; combiner to solar controller; Controller to battery switch; Switch to battery bus; Battery bus to battery; Battery to monitor; monitor to inverter. Anything I’ve forgotten.
  • Custom cables cut to the length you need. RPVU! Underground burial rated.
  • UPGRADED combiner, battery disconnects for 2019.
  • support from Kelvin with assembly and operation oversight or buy it ready for install.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 24 cm


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