5kw SRNE 120v All in One Hybrid inverter


SRNE 5kw inverter with AIO for super easy DIY.

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This is the latest tech from SRNE. And an amazing value.


As an All In One (AIO) it comes with

  • integrated PV charge & Grid/Generator charging
  • high voltage MPPT (80 to 500v. High voltage allows longer distances between system and solar panels. This lets homeowners move the solar panels away from the house to a clearing that gets better sun.)
  • 80 amp solar for over 4kw of solar panel
  • 5 kw pure sine inverter with 10kw surge
  • DPS control algorithm for higher reliability
    • complete short circuit, overvoltage and undervoltage, overload, back ļ¬lling protection, and more.
  • 48v battery
    • RS485 communication for use with the latest battery technology/BMS
    • also compatible with older batteries

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Plug and play. Simple set up for DIY. Note: inverter support included. For moderately adept DIY.

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