BlackWING charger, 1500w


Amazing flexible powerful battery charger can use DC or AC power to charge your battery. Up to 1500w of charging power. Talks with some BMS including the BlueBIRD.

8 in stock (can be backordered)


The BlackWING charger is a 1500w charger that is completely programmable. You can have it charge almost any battery. Any voltage, any speed. Its wonderful.

Even better, it links directly to our BlueBIRD BMS. Which means charging your lithium based battery pack has never been easier or safer. The BlueBIRD automatically disconnects when your BMS tells it to.

Tech geek bonus: Using the BlueBIRD and BlackWING together means you don’t need a contactor.


  • Advanced programmability for almost any voltage, battery size
  • Advanced sensing for problem prevention
  • Adjustable power output allows even small or lower quality generators to be used safely with long life, even charging lithium
  • Use AC power to charge up to 1500w
  • Use DC power to allow battery to battery charging.

This has proven to be one of the most popular upgrades for our Grey Owl systems. Makes them 4 season reliable (or family visiting and the kids want to play XBOX all night ready).



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