Introducing the new BlueBIRD. Keep your lithium pack safe and sound with cell balancing, reporting, emergency disconnect and more. Due to high volume of sales; Now at a lower price.

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The new BlueBIRD BMS brings graphs, numbers and dancing lights to the serious task of effective lithium cell balancing. If you’re using lithium cells for your solar energy storage battery bank (SESS); the BlueBIRD is for you.

NOTE: The highly programmable BlueBIRD BMS allows you to safely use almost any lithium battery pack. Our BlueBIRDs ship programmed for Volt lithium battery modules.

Models available

  • BlueBIRD 8S (supports 2S to 8S lithium batteries. Most often used for 6S Chevy Volt modules)
  • BlueBIRD 16S (supports 9S to 16S lithium batteries. Most often used for 12 and 16S Chevy Volt modules)
  • BlueBIRD 24S (supports 17S to 24S lithium batteries. Most often used for 20S LTO modules)

The BlueBIRD  also integrates with our new BlackWING charger. 3 and 4 season cottages can easily integrate a generator run charger with their solar system. A very cost effective add on for any solar system. And due to its programmable nature an investment that will go with you over many years and situations. At BobolinkSolar we use our BlackWING for a wide variety of battery packs. And our customers report great satisfaction with being able to charge almost any battery regardless of size or voltage.

BlueBIRD features

  • LIPO with adjustable cell voltage supported
  • Smart disconnect
  • Easily add a voltage based contactor emergency disconnect
  • combine with a 1500w charger
  • Snazzy graphics!
  • Light 20 watt a day draw on your batteries when balancing

The BlueBIRD ensures your lithium based energy storage is reliably balanced enhancing long term battery lifespan.

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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