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BobolinkSolar Lithium solar energy storage

Our PowerWings bring a new level of efficiency, ease of use, reliability and low cost to off grid solar. There is no better, more cost effective option than lithium in 2018.

BobolinkSolar provides testing, verification, and knowledge to deliver reliable value.

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BobolinkSolar leads with new lithium energy storage

BobolinkSolar is the first company in Canada to bring repurposed lithium batteries from automobiles to the off grid and grid connected market. We remain the only company that has developed custom wiring harnesses (YellowBird) and a BMS (RedWing) specifically for this application. Hooray for us I guess. Great for you.

For a 2019 overview of the SESS market and technology see this report on Energy Storage.

Perhaps the neatest system install I’ve ever seen. Small, compact, powerful, wow.
For big birds, big nests.
  • Each module is fully tested
  • The highest quality lithium module available today
  • NMC chemistry
  • The lowest price today

Linked with our custom YellowBird harness and worlds first RedWing BMS; the new lithium modules offer unbeatable value for today’s off grid solar system. We anticipate 20 year lifespans for this equipment.

The active balancing “RedWing” BMS is the best of 2018. Safely and reliably keep your battery pack in perfect balance. Set it and forget it!
The “yellow bird” wiring harnesses allow you to safely interconnect the Volt modules. This greatly enhances the reliability and safety of your system.

Lithium energy storage is the technology solar has been waiting for

  • Lithium modules offer the highest charge/discharge efficiency: Your solar power goes into your system, not into radiant heat!
  • Lithium charge and discharge at higher rates without problem: Use high draw appliances (stoves etc) without concern!
  • Super low self discharge means you can leave them for up to a year without charging. That’s right. For seasonal off grid: Turn off charging the day before you leave. Discharge to 60-80% of the battery capacity. Turn everything off. Leave till spring. No worries. No problems. Huzzah!
  • No toxic off gassing means no watering. No corrosion concerns. Less maintenance.
  • smaller footprint for easier installation and less wasted space.
  • 2-5x lifespan over other older battery based storage technologies. Imagine a 20 year lifespan.
  • Unbeatable per cycle cost means money well spent and, over time, very real savings

Say good-bye to “ye olde solar.” No more terrible efficiency. No more massive self discharge. Not more holes in the house for vents. No more high replacement costs. Say hello to amazing efficiency, lovely ease of use, and real solar powered savings.

For a recent study on repurposed lithium modules for SESS see this recent report on Energy Storage.


Please note: Lithium prices are based per KwH. So a 48v gen 2 module is 2.125 @ 350/kw : $743.75 per module. Gen 3 are 2.5kw per module. Gen 4 modules are a larger cell size and are 75a per module. Please email for final pricing. Availability varies considerably.

Prices per KwH

  • Gen 2 modules: 350/kw
  • Gen 3 modules: 375/kw
  • Gen 4 modules: 400/kw
Module specifications; Gen 2:
  • Capacity/module: 47Ah, 2.125kWh
    Height: 11.0 Inches / 28 cm
    Width: 9.55 Inches / 25 cm
    Length: 9.55 Inches / 25 cm
    Weight: 42 Pounds / 20 kg
    Bolt Size: M6

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 25 cm

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  1. Mr. C

    Using them since July 2016. Astounding performance compared to my old lead acid battery system. I seem to have 20% more efficiency and my electrical use has been able to double. Thank you Kelvin for your hard work.

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