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2-axis solar tracker complete with rails, controller, linear actuator, nuts and bolts, etc to allow you to mount 4 60 cell panels. Double axis tracker gives you maximum solar gain every moment of the day.

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Cool solar tracker
Solar tracker comes complete with everything but the mounting pole and the solar panels.

This is a solar 2-axis tracker complete with rails, controller, linear actuator, nuts and bolts, etc to allow you to mount 4 60 cell panels. You will only need solar panels, a small battery and a galvanized main pole.

This marvelous device uses a log to set angle and direction. In some ways superior to sun tracking methods as the panels are never confused. You set your latitude and longitude, the controller reads the parameters and automatically ensures that your panels are always facing the right way with the correct angle to maximize your solar collection.

Is it good value? Well for limited space or tricky trees. You could add more panels for less money and get similar results with a fixed arrays. But for those who want something neat or really cool. And come on, a double axis tracker is absolutely as cool as it gets. This is just the thing.

The tracker should give you around 30% more watts per day out of your array. The tracker holds 4 60 cell panels. If a 1 kw array is good for about 6 kw of production max. in our area on eastern Ontario, this tracker will give you 8kw. Realistically though, a tracker is most useful in the off season. When you get those cloudy days often you’ll get a sunny break, or lighter cloud, for a few hours. Now your tracker has your panels perfectly lined up. Now that extra 30% makes a big difference.

A tracker is also ideal for those who are space constrained. Or have tree shadowing problems. A tracker that has your panels perfectly lined up for early morning sun and later afternoon sun when trees block mid day. Perfect right. And close to cheaper than having two solar arrays each facing a different direction.

And did we mention cool. Imagine the excitement of children’s faces when they see the tracker following the sun. Smile.

Anyway. We have two. With shipping from Europe etc these things aren’t cheap. But here they are, in Canada. Ready for anyone who wants something really neat. Hurry tho. I’m thinking I want one. I mean. It is really cool.

Oh. And if you’re in eastern / southern Ontario we are throwing in free shipping.

General group of features included in product:
Solar Tracker 2-axis ST44M2V4P
Number of motion axis: 2 – axis
Astronomic tracking algorithm: Yes, precision of 0,5 degrees ( 0,1 **** )
CPV usage (concentrated PV usage): Yes, all types including round parabolic; intended for 4 flat solar panels
Real time clock & date with bck. batt.: Yes, included
USB or RS485 interface to PC: Yes, included
Type of networking communication: RS485
Type of application program for supervision and setting: Solar tracking system, monitor via Helios analytics
Setting via PC: Yes
Monitoring via PC: Yes
Upgrading via PC: Yes
Controling & driving via PC: Yes
Options ( marked with **** are for additional payment ): Heliostat can be used
Expected life time: 800-1000h of motor operation (DC motor replace on 8 years if each day one cycle), backup battery replace on 3-5 years if battery in, all other parts should have 25 year lifespans
Hour angle: 100° (50°E + 50°W)
Guarantee: 2 years, optionally 10 years for addtional 35% of price
Old Code: SM44M1V4P

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 600 × 100 × 100 cm
Mechanical Capabilities

Number of turning axis Dual-Axis
Hour Angle Limit 100˚, software and hardware limit 50˚ E to 50˚ W
Elevation angle 15 – 90˚, adjustable start
Type of hour-angle motor Linear Motor SM4S510M2 with stroke of 510 mm
Type of elevation-angle motor Linear Motor SM4S510M2 with stroke of 510 mm
Hour-angle shaft diameter and length Ø48 mm, L=1450 mm (steel)


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