Yellow Bird “3” harness


Chevy Volt module harness improves safety and longevity of multi-module solar energy storage packs.

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3 module harness for Volt modules

The “yellow bird” wiring harnesses allow you to safely interconnect the Volt modules. This greatly enhances the reliability and safety of your system.

This harness joins up to 3 volt modules together. The advantage is the cells are then supported by each mated cell.

Remember, each 48v Volt module has 12 cells. The harness ties each cell from each module to its partner. So cell 1 is tied in with cell 1 on each of the modules.


Because the thing that hurts lithium is out of balance cells. So the module harness makes sure that each cell has a partner helping it along! Huzzah.

The harness also allows you to quickly and easily tie in a RedWing BMS for superior safety and pack longevity.

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1 cm


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