Yellow Bird “3” harness


Chevy Volt module harness improves safety and longevity of multi-module solar energy storage packs.

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3 module harness for Volt modules

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The “yellow bird” wiring harnesses allow you to safely interconnect the Volt modules. This greatly enhances the reliability and safety of your system.

This “3” harness allows you to tie 3 Volt modules together at the cell level. All Volt module sizes are supported. 6S, 12S and 16S. Note, these harnesses are for BMS balancing and cell level safety. They are not for carrying load current.

The advantage of the harness is that all the cells are then supported by additional cells in parallel. I know it sounds confusing, but you’re taking a battery module that is 3P12S (three in parallel and then 12 in series) and tying them together at the cell. Thus your pack becomes 6P or 9P or, up to, 12P/12S. Larger parallel strings means an even more stable battery pack.

We recommend tying modules together in groups of 3. So buy your “3” harness first. You can then add the “2” harness to increase to 4 modules in a string.

At this point the string is considered full. You don’t want the cabling to get too long. You can then parallel strings. Up to 3 strings supporting 12 12S modules is considered a complete pack. Supporting 25kwh of SESS.


  • Easy installation.
  • OEM similar main plug.
  • 2 8S JST plugs allows the harnesses to be used with Volt 6, 12 and 16S modules. The 8S JST-HX plug also ensures compatibility with a wide range of BMS. Including the BlueBIRD BMS sold by BobolinkSolar.
  • Huge time saving over manually wiring BMS harness.

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Why are the harnesses so essential to a lithium battery pack?

The main thing that hurts lithium is out of balance cells. So the module harness makes sure that each cell has a partner helping it along! Huzzah.

The harness also allows you to quickly and easily tie in a BlueBIRD BMS. Our BlueBIRD BMS monitors your cells and if an imbalance appears it adjusts the voltage to ensure your pack is completely balanced.

You can also use other BMS. Repinning your harness may be required.

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