February 10, 2019 2019 Solar Panel Deals

2019 Solar Panel Deals

BobolinkSolar’s 3rd annual solar panel deal is over — there’s always next year!

Thanks to all our customers for their support and love. We had an amazing year. And best of all, our customers efforts are directly fighting the CO2 problem.

Jinko Poly (used) 260w for $120/panel
A grade Poly 275 for $158/panel
A grade MonoPerc for $180/panel; 60 cell, 305
A grade MonoPerc for $198/panel; 72 cell, 345

Spring 2019-solar panel specification sheet PDF file here

Quantity Remaining (as of June 3):
8 Jinko 260w; ideal for low cost hobby
26 B grade Mono 285w; best budget value, ideal for small cabin
4: A grade Poly 275w; best value for small cabin with morning/evening light
30: A grade MonoPerc 305w 60 cell; the highest quality for spring 2019. Ideal for those requiring the maximum power
9: A grade PolyPerc 345w 72 cell; ideal for ground mount, maximum power.

Key benefits of Perc

  • top efficiency 60 cell 305w or 300w / 72 cell 345w
  • MONO PERC, the latest in high efficiency
  • excellent low light performance; the PERC perk
  • A grade
  • 40″x65″ size makes the 60 cell more flexible for roof top install
  • Lower weight (40lbs/18.2kg) is easier for DIY
How do I get them? (NOW shipping!)

Orders are now shipping. A 50% FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit starts your order. Etransfer preferred. Pickup times are typically Saturday a.m. at our storage facility. But we offer flexible pickup times.

How does the price work out?

  • Well. First off:  ALL prices are $ Canadian!
  • FREE pickup Perth
  • 1-4 at: $198 / ea   
  • 5-12 are: $196.05 / ea 

Full Pallet : these are sold out.

  • racking, wiring, inverters, packages also available

Start your order here!

How do I pick them up?

  • For small orders: distribution day is usually a Saturday in Perth. Shipping has begun.
  • Medium/Large orders: Distribution day or reserve a time.

The same as last year, we will have solar cables, pre-made in 25′ or 50′ lengths. Custom pre-orders welcome!

We use top quality RVPU (Sunlight and underground burial rated!) 10 gauge cable and MC4 connectors same as your panels. Plug and play!

The right cables. The right type. The right size.

Spring is here. The time is now!

Oh. Time is running out. And, as in years past. When they’re gone. They are gone.

Is this the lowest price ever?

The talk from the Asian manufacturing plants is next year will see a 10-15% price increase. So anticipate paying more next year. The reason? There is a glut of panels this year after the Chinese government reduced subsidies for large solar plant installs.

Manufacturers were caught off guard. Hence a profusion of panels. Next year, according to reports, the glut will have been purged and manufacturing brought inline with the new installation requirements.

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