February 17, 2019 The $120 panel sale

The $120 panel sale

A quality Jinko 260w mono panel for $120

USED: These are fresh off a solar farm rebuild. They’re a quality Jinko 260 commercial mono panel. And they’re 120 bucks each. FREE pickup Perth, ON

The panels are guaranteed for 2 years. They will be in good shape and functioning normally. We keep extra panels for two years in the event of failure. The panels have “snail trails” so the solar farm swapped them out for 320s. The minor blemish does not interfere with the panel performance at lower voltages (less than 1500v) with MPPT solar controllers. We do not recommend these panels for grid tie use.

This is one of our spring deals … won’t last long, so grab ’em while you can.
To Order


You must pre-arrange your pick up with Greg. Let him know how many panels you want and he will work with you to arrange pickup.

“Saturday pickup” sessions in Perth have begun. Next session is Saturday the 20th. If you need a custom time talk to Greg.

A 50% FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit required. Greg will provide the details, etransfer preferred. Final cash/etransfer payment with pick up. Sorry, no exceptions. To keep overhead low we need easy peasy payment. HST is applied to the final amount.

Mechanical Characteristics
  • Cell Type: Mono-crystalline156×156mm(6inch)
  • No.ofcells : 60(6×10)
  • Dimensions: 1650×992×40mm(65.00×39.05×1.57inch)
  • Weight: 19.0kg(41.9lbs)
  • JunctionBox: IP67
  • Rated Output:
  • JKM260M MaximumPower(Pmax): 260Wp
  • MaximumPowerVoltage(Vmp): 30.9V
  • MaximumPowerCurrent(Imp): 8.42A
  • Open-circuitVoltage(Voc) : 37.9V
  • Short-circuitCurrent(Isc): 9.10A
  • ModuleEfficiencySTC(%): 15.89%
  • Cables: TÜV1×4.0mm,²Length:900mm

Limited Qty: As of today we only have 32 of these left. The deal is almost done. Please reserve today.

About BobolinkSolar.com BobolinkSolar is a boutique Perth based solar company building and promoting off grid solar. We do 3 kinds of solar activity. ONE: as you see here. We hunt for bargains and pass them along. This is about having fun and helping the DIY market. TWO: We build the very best, robust, amazing cottage systems ever. And that’s the truth. 2019 is a great time to do solar. The equipment is there. The value is there. If you can DIY you can save big. THREE: at BobolinkSolar we try to help you access reliable info to help your successful DIY install. So far so good. We’ve helped dozens of folk build systems in an action packed two years. Are we for everybody. Heck no! But if you want to DIY the best system, reliable, tough, cost saving etc. we could be for you. smile.

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