BobolinkSolar introduces new offerings for 2024

2024 sees new code aimed at easing solar installation with battery

April 3, 2024 — Good news folks. Solar is getting easier to install. And BobolinkSolar now has three ways to build.

Consult support

Our consult support contract is for those looking to build. We answer questions, look at issues and options, and make sure you get the best system, regardless of who sells it to you.

Starting at $450.

Is it worth it? A recent consult just signed an install agreement that was $12k cheaper and a generation newer tech due to Kelvin’s support. Get better pricing by installing the right technology for your defined needs.

Get started with Kelvin here.

Buyers Clubs 2024

Off Grid / Behind the grid battery: We have two options: One is a 14.3kwh battery that comes complete with the latest cell tech, 9450a code approved right down to the cables. Two is a new Powerwall with code approval and good size for grid tie.

Note: these systems are 9450 code approved and we recommend electrician install to assure best warranty support.

New cottage/tiny home inverter: Our new 6kw 240 split phase inverter makes cottage solar easier than ever. Contact Kelvin to learn more.

More batteries for cottage life: Our new stackable 5kwh batteries are the safest and longest lived ever. Contact Kelvin to learn more. Full approval.

BESS: Big batteries offer up to 400Mw for grid support. Contact Kelvin for more info. Project starts mid-March.

Testing 1-2-3

First of three test batteries BobolinkSolar supported in 2023. Testing confirmed the 9450 compliance, system capacity, ease of use. In 2024 we can offer a tested battery at a very good price. Thank you to Mr S and Mr P for their contribution. Yes, prices are continuing to drop. But they have installed working systems. Huzzah.

July 12, 2023 — New electrician installer available

Our new relationship with two local electricians means better service and installation for BobolinkSolar sources equipment. Ask us for references.

New bifacial arriving April.

bulk order discounts start at .45/w. Pallet qty available. Minimum order applies.

Contact Kelvin here to order.

Thank you for helping us help you build.

Since 2017 Bobolink “buyers club” events have saved folks money

The new BobolinkSolar battery is a 14.3 kwh beast with brains

  • link up to 8 for large homes and industrial workshops
  • astonishing 8,500 cycles service life
  • cUL 1973 and 9450 approval
  • lowest cost ever; both buying and installing

New premium product: the “Lumera” bifacial 410w

The Lumera solar panel from Canda is a hit. Benefits include the latest solar cell tech, a lighter 21kg weight, attractive all black look. Good size at aprox. 41″ (1042mm) by 76″ (1928mm) for DIY installation. Ideal for boat/cottage/rv due to the light weight and smaller size.

570w bifacial: Need 12 or more? Ask about our new low low buyers club price.

some insights from 2023 on small off grid power

In June 2023 we began using a new inverter brand. SRNE. We have seen quite a few installs due to the high quality and low price.

We are happy to recommend SRNE inverter AiO (All in One)

Here is the 5kw, 48v, high voltage MPPT, direct connect Grid / Generator, 120v pure sine model. cETL. Astounding price for astounding AiO technology.

Full system recommendation: SRNE AiO is complemented by 2000w of solar (bifacial), 10kwh battery storage. NOTE: we will not be offering systems for 2024. If you would like equipment and install guidance we do have a consult contract which pays Kelvin for his time while he customizes your system.

The latest tech at a bargain price. Remember, all our equipment comes with updated firmware, system testing, and configuration.
Here’s a DIY off grid system that was updated

The old inverter is 2kw modified sine wave (eats motors and the new laundry machine wouldn’t start). The solar capacity was small. Switches were all manual. However, high quality, well installed system for its day.

  • 1.2 kw of solar panel
  • 900 lbs of lead for 5kwh storage, 1500 cycle lifespan, off gassing and watering maintenance required.
  • System is 65% round trip efficient


Which looks easier to install?

Upgrade improvements include:

  • safer and easier to use
  • inverter is 2.5 times more powerful and pure sine for longer motor / equipment life,
  • autotransfer of generator charging avoids manual switching
  • solar panel doubles to 1840w plus bifacial for winter while keeping the old racking!
  • new battery is 300 pounds of lithium with 10kw usable storage and no maintenance. Big space saver.
  • system efficiency increases to 95%. An extra 30% for free.
Join the club

New for BobolinkSolar is our Club Membership. This is for new solar system builders and those who need advice about older system updates. The membership covers Kelvin’s research costs, gives access to “bulk buy” pricing, reduces shipping costs and much more.

The membership fee is $450. In our experience members save thousands and get better systems. Remember. Today’s solar has been a BobolinkSolar promise, delivered, since 2017.

Two new tech improvements now available at BobolinkSolar

1 – Inverters that can sense current and respond accordingly

Grid Tie: New current sensors make your inverter safer; For you and for grid linesmen. Automatic detection whether grid power is flowing in or your solar power is flowing to the grid makes life easier. Automatic grid disconnect still allows solar and batteries to provide power to your home in the event of an outage.

Why choose an inverter that can’t run your home if the grid goes down?

The new inverters fix that problem. This hybrid model is so flexible. Use just solar (if the sun is out) or a grid/battery power combo for more power. Multiple paths pay you by reducing energy cost.

Other new features include:
  • Built in high voltage MPPT solar tracking. This innovation improves efficiency and lets you move your solar panels up to 1,000 ft/300m from your home, easily (stock 10g RPVU solar cable!) by lowering the amperage your cables need to carry.
  • All-in-one solar/charger/inverters also greatly, hugely, enormously reduce install time and difficulty.
  • High tech AiO makes more features available at an amazing price.
  • cETL stamps make electricians happy.

This is all just better folks.

New ONTARIO  2.4 cent overnight electrical rate!

April 2023 — The new rate rolling out across Ontrio makes Hybrid grid connect systems with battery very appealing. Charge your battery with the grid at night. Use battery power during the peak rate time. And save, save, save. Plus, power outage … not for you!

2023 Inverter deal — Sold out

We have just started testing a new inverter: The 10kwh SRNE 240v split phase. This is an all in one (AiO) for easy set up. Dual MPPT trackers; 20kwh surge; smart BMS management with new Lifepo4 battery; code approved and much more. Mildly updated inverter coming for 2024.

10kwh SRNE split phase inverter all in one — I’m not stocking these inverters in 2024. They are easy to find online and if you prefer custom support I have a support contract available here.

This inverter was tested charging an electric car at 32 amps/240v. Power draw combined the battery and solar. Solar only when the sun peaked. Balanced and stable even under cloud. Wow.
New 10kw AIO (all in one) brings cETL; 8kw of solar supported; transformerless efficiency; Rs485 ease of use; and much more.
  • up to 450v solar charging, with dual MPPT (8kw, 4kw per string of panels means two locations!) and really straightforward installation. cETL to delight your electrician or make DIY so much easier.

Check the Full Time system page for more details

Note: No booking installs for 2024. Sorry.
2 – New batteries that talk to the inverter

For off grid folk letting the battery program the inverter and allowing, via CAN or RS485, the inverter and battery to talk to each other. Another win for safety. And improved solar power use efficiency. Plus watch your solar power from your phone!

The batteries have built in BMS and disconnect switch. Easier, more reliable, safer to use. This is what Kelvin has been waiting for. With the price drops in 2022 and 2023 these new batteries are the best value we’ve ever seen in power security for home use.

All in all it’s a new ballgame folks. As a result BobolinkSolar will be specifying brand new technology and methods for 2024. BobolinkSolar continues to push the quality of off grid and grid tie solar systems.

2023 Battery blitz: SOLD OUT

We love the new 5.38kwh 48v Lifepo4 batteries. Reliable, safe, talk to the inverter, easy to set up and install. This is the advancement in batteries we’ve been waiting for. For spring we have a 5.38kwh, communication enabled (CAN/RS485 talks to inverter), ready to install battery for off grid. Stack them up to 85kwh. Multi module discount. AND shipping now with cUL or cETL.

Sold out: These batteries were very popular. New battery options coming for 2024. Along with lower prices for 2024, and longer cycle rates; up to 8,500.

Starting in 2022 we began shipping LiFePO4 5kwh rack mount batteries. Ease of use, longevity. The 2023 model is mildly upgraded with newer cell and BMS technology. Plus self heating down to -20 for extended season off grid. Available in 48v only. 2024 continues price drops and decent cell capacity improvements.

3 Bifacial solar panels change winter

Bifacial solar panels basically have a solar panel in the front and a solar panel in the back. For cold Ontario winters with snow and high albedo (light that reflects off of snow), this new technology improves winter production dramatically.

Bifacial panel testing continues in 2024

For 2024 A grade panels with excellent efficiency at over 22% are dropping in price.

Note: we will only be suppling bifacial panels from here on. Why? Snow is the short answer.

  • new test launched in January 2024. Literally days ago. Two thumbs up so far.
  • Data for vertical “fence” orientation panels is very encouraging. Not quite as much power overall but more power early and late. The time most people are using power. So definitely interesting.
We are not anticipating panel shortages in 2024. Prices should return to .50/w at the retail level.
Ontario experiences darkest winter

March 10, 2023 — Climatologist shows eastern and southern Ontario just went through the darkest winter in 73 years.

Check in to get the latest price and volume discounts

Report shows big advantage for Canadians with bifacial

This report shows that bifacial solar panels have a 2x advantage during winter months: noting faster snow shed from the heat generated by the back sheet and outperforming albedo production.

Remember: We are DIY and lithium battery only since 2017

We have offered the best products for Off Grid since 2017. Our systems have consistently improved safety and reduced cost; we help design and support DIY installs; However! we are not system installers. Nor are we available 24/7 for support. This is important to realize. If you are mostly DIY handy but just need a bit of help; we’re your guy. If you need better pricing and are happy to do it all yourself but want to ensure you are building the best value for 2024; we are your guy. If you need an electrician and labour; we’re your electrician/install crew’s guy on a consult contract, or, in Eastern Ontario, we now offer electrician recommendations.

NEW — for Perth/Westport area: Master Electrician installs now available

See our 2017 to 2023 system overview of larger systems. Or check out the early DIY 3 season cottage builds. Still happily running cottages across Ontario and beyond!

Built by a ski chalet owner (2018). Boxed up for plug and play use. Lithium titanite battery. ooo. ahhh.

BobolinkSolar is for those who wish to save money by building and managing a better solar system more easily


Kelvin consults on

  • Off Grid homes
  • Off Grid camps
  • Workshops
  • hybrid behind the grid models
  • special use (boats, RVs, tiny home)
Not just helping home owners; helping installers and electricians.

Fees start at $450. You get the latest solar models for the most reliable long term value, and, in our experience, much lower upfront and ongoing costs.

We’ve help folks build

  • multi unit camp systems
  • electric boats
  • cottage systems
  • upgrade older systems
  • hybrid grid/off grid
  • grid tie
  • RV systems
  • and much more

These processes take time and research. Cut your costs by letting Kelvin do the hard stuff. Remember: Kelvin has been building off grid systems since 2011; he’s built dozens of systems; helped hundreds of families; consistently improved off grid system design. Your support of Kelvin makes your life easier and helps many others.

Thank you for your support!

For net metering see our easy to use Ontario Net Metering Guide. The guide takes you step by step through the net metering application process. Its quick, simple, easy, and it is working!

Free, easy to use net metering guide
2023 Small System Recommendation continues 2024

In 2023 for small cottage systems our recommendation is : buy a pre-built. Bluetti, Ecoflow or other “all in one” tow it anywhere powerstation. They are not perfect. But for the money and ease of use. It gets the two wings up from BobolinkSolar.

These little systems save hassle.

Spending more than $4k? Need improved solar? Then look to an AiO and build a better system.

Adding better solar panels to these systems is a good “upgrade.” Which means get bifacial solar panels and maybe a better solar controller. Avoid “solar kits” and you will be surprised how good these little guys have become and how much hassle you avoid.

Good value for lighter use and shorter duration

Special thanks to Mr. G for his deep insights into these systems.

3/6/10kwh Net Metering Group buy: Offer now over

We continue to have Net Metering on offer, and now with full Master Electrician and project managed installs; however new inverters are coming and the group buy for systems is under review.

Recommended 2024: New string inverters are superior in electron capturing and far lower cost to install. A wave of the wing to the wise.

Still available: Get involved in our Group Buy to purchase solar panels and battery modules: please use our “Need a Quote” page to contact us.

Nothing else right now.