BobolinkSolar is changing

BobolinkSolar is undergoing dramatic change

Kelvin is slowing things down. Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown us. But its too much for one guy. So rather than work 80 hour weeks all summer long I’m changing how things go together. Good idea right!

Starting in 2022 Kelvin is now doing:

Kelvin is consulting on Off Grid, Grid Tie/Net metering; and hybrid models. The fees start at $450. You get peace of mind, the latest solar models for the most reliable long term value, and, in our experience, lower costs.

For net metering see our easy to use Ontario Net Metering Guide. The guide takes you step by step through the net metering application process. Its quick, simple, easy, and it is working!

“Group buys”

We have a 3/6/10kwh “Net Metering” group buy on right now. This is a simple system with racking, solar panels, an inverter and some consultation help putting it all together: For DIY and DIY with electrician only.

We have a solar panel buy: 425w, A grade, “prosumer” 144 cell solar panel. These are the big boys. Around $300/ea depending on how many you need.

To get involved in our Group Buy or to purchase solar panels (and as the website is in update and rebuild mode) please use our “Need a Quote” page to contact us.

Nothing else right now.